Shadowed Virtue


Mindless banter taken in like a needle oversized – injection -grandiose display of ill-manners – ill intentions- and I wonder how much pleasure is truly gained – to cause pain unjust -undue – or maybe, overdue in that rusty opinion of yours – a solitary ever-burning flame- oh the tiring lament of the callous and craven impostor – a fool standing in the rain masking the tears which fall out of seemingly pious eyes – shadowed virtue indeed – overrated – a door closes and a window opens – with a mediocre breeze entwined through the trees of the landscape – a fine panoramic view indeed -crackling throughout the bones protecting that chasm holding therein a silent deadly beat – restraint is futile, transmutation imminent – like clockwork – ticking backward – the axis revolves within the one holding the fearless golden strand – attached to the sinister deviant within the thick tar of the night sky – my pity evades me as does anything resembling a sympathetic notion – for words spoken time after time fallen upon the ears of one who hears naught – subtract the positive from the negative – seeing through a half empty glass of vile contamination – bio-hazardous waste filling the void and bitterness upon the stale lips of the one who spoke with twisted tongue and double vision – from whence was borne a cruel jest – a trying situation – a knowledgeable decision to bastardize that which was seemingly held oh so very precious to ones heart and soul and concave mindless thoughts – now would seem to have developed a translucent layer obvious to the naked eye – feelings transcendental thoughts crucially transforming on to a higher plane of living – arrogance reigns – and foolish mistakes shall haunt many in the pathway of waking life – things rendered undone unknown and never to be found out due to chain links with weakened solder between the joints – dysfunctional and corrupt by the willing self prophecy – attainable only to those who see through the darkness and choose to snuff out the sconces illuminating the way through the easily traveled conduits they fear will blemish their oh so precious and pristine feet.



LH Grey

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