A Bazaar Macabre




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Bless us Father for greykeeper grin widest when sinning
That’s how we’re living now you see
Like a pair of stubborn stains on your wash day linen
You could blame our damaged brains but then you’d be missing the point
And it would not be advisable to put our noses out of joint


We have recently been on a rather lengthy sabbatical
But this is not to say we have been any less fanatical
So while our methods may be radical and our prose strike a mean pose
You could liken our tight flow to lining up those dominoes
Then giving them a flick


You see we don’t miss a trick slick
Should you stiffen up for word porn then you may wish to get your lipstick
As this pair of twisted misfits
Can be unthinkably sadistic
And we tend not to miss tricks


Call it mystique if you wish to dish critique out
But there is not a thing cryptic about the manner in which we speak out
There exists tremendous darkness within us
It has been known to leak out onto parchment
Every large shunt is a yard punt
And murder raps just so happen to be our department


Farming for varmints to darn into flesh quilts
We garnish then varnish with each splash of deep red spilled
Some may well brand it unnecessary harshness
But we are all about catharsis having mastered the human treadmill


Thus any alarmists who take offence to our output
May wish to stay put as we may well get up to no good
Open you up like a tin of sardines
Extracting your spleen should prove routine procedure


You see
Our hands they are steady
Our eyes do not blink when we scatter the confetti
And we can tell the very moment that your palms grow sweaty
No pulling the wool over these wolves to disguise us
If you have never been garotted then we can soon pop that cherry
Heaven help any small fry or wall fly who tries to deny us


You may think this all false bravado
Perhaps a little too much Grand Theft Auto
But this pair of desperados
have simply had our fill of being incommunicado
Thus we embargo every white lie that passes us by
Take such rascals to task as we look dead in their glass eyes
And we swear down the greykeeper stare down is unsurpassed


It’s your choice to rejoice this
or take steps to avoid us
For we’re reliably informed
that we give voice to the voiceless
Mean no disrespect if we act a bit boisterous
For the words we select are always the choicest
And our honesty is never a single thing less than damn brutal


On closer perusal you may find we’re not your bag
So to clear up any confusion
We are more than fine with that
Not looking to bludgeon
Well apart from the cudgel
But we just dig the acoustics of skeletal percussion


Dem bones dem bones dem dry bones
Mere rest homes for our elbows
As we dismantle ribs like fish bones
Then take a snapshot memento on our cell phones
Post it to Instagram
Oh no wait
We’re so over that
Far too much spam for such refined palates


Lean cuts all the way
That’s the greykeeper way
And if we feel like a binge
Then we hit up the valiumfreak
Or as we like to call her
Death with a fringe


She gets us you see
Is every bit as afflicted
The kind of raging nutbag who displays the same symptoms
No cure for her sickness
As she is some way past committed
Seems fitting
And no question she fits us


Then there is Twinbear
There’s a fair amount sordid about this Nordic goddess
As she wholly endorses the use of brute force
For a cause she believes in
And she is no less than devoted to a hot mess
Votes yes to free will
To freedom of expression
And grabs a refill on our bloodspill
As this most ferocious Spartan simply oozes discretion


There are so many more we could mention
You know who you are
But we are laying the foundations
And wish to know what your views are
If we strike a sweet chord and you find our cause benign
Then holler our way and we shall facilitate a chorus line
Make the grueheads a clan who can stand the test of time
Tease out that darkness and ease into the light we shine


No doubt we headline a noir bazaar most macabre
But we ultimately mean you no foul and less harm
And what good is an arm if not to be chanced?


It’s a dirty job for sure
Bona fide blood and guts
But someone has to do it
And that someone may as well be us






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



greykeeper fusion headline


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  1. Tragically punished somewhat way too harshly it seems. Pride comes before a fall yet Lucifer fell more than most. Fascinating angle on the one people blame for their wrongdoing. Really thought-provoking.

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