Jericho Falls

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Celldweller “Jericho (Instrumental)”

All around me are walls
Bearing down
Staring me down
Glaring out beneath concrete frowns
Wearing me down to the mortar of me
Pouring cement and water into me
As each brick is set in place

All around me are walls
Looming with intent to snatch
Exhuming bones of dust and scratch
Excavating tunnels through a slew of human clay
Deliberating fate as they commence to chip away
Mining ever deeper
Drilling each vein

All around me are walls
Imparting dull pain, mulling over my culling
Rhapsody of lonesome death with encore most sullen
Veins bulging as this dirge flushes through
Rush hour traffic pulsing, in convulsion as the grid is now in lockdown
Crosstown blackout imminent as each seismic surge purges
Emerging with urgency
Smirching me purposely

All around me are walls
Closing in
Imposing their chosen disclosure opposingly
Bulldozers encroaching the bare knuckled bones of me
Wrecking ball tumbles
Disowns me as rubble
Hollow points crumble as this unsubtle shuttle hustles
Muscling into each crack as the walls come crashing in

All around me are walls
But this barricade of bricks no longer actions my distraction
There are caches of exact abstraction to their design
A multitude of diffractions and refractions
Impactful sub-contractions of native subconscious factions no longer thrashed down by inaction
Unabashed through this transaction
These bastions cradle my dwindling ashes
And kindle them

All around me are walls
But there are Klaxons sounding
Announcing a red dawn
The Horns of Jericho mark
The changing of the guard
These walls cannot confine me
Their rules do not define me
The flame within it burns you see
The brave within he learns you see

All around me are lights
A most delightful arrangement entice with their own rules of engagement
Rules which prohibit malicious enslavement
Flooding in
Governing the shadows while begrudging them their pockets of persuasion
Paving paths through darkness as the fire within ignites

All around me are flames
But my flesh does not char
This blazing star now guides, burns brightly
Leading the way to wherever that might be
It must be some place better
Simply has to be
As this flame no longer burns alone
Enraptures with a newfound pertinacity

All around me are tools
Instruments with which to reconstruct
Further fortify the structure
Put an end to trend of false imprisonment

Theirs is not to impede or mislead, no longer do I recede through need to reluctantly agree terms with the bleakest seed within me
As these tools are now a part of me
Fresh terms have been agreed

All around me are walls
But it is I who bear down
I who stare down
My eyes glaring out from beneath a concrete frown
Tearing the mortar down brick by brick
Learning each trick and deferring nothing
These walls provide sturdy foundations upon which I can build and redefine
I now realize that the architect is I
And this is my design

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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