Barefoot Down The Avenue

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Tangerine Dream “The Dream Is Always The Same”

Walking barefoot down the avenue of dreams
Playing hopscotch with a bottle of scotch and bronze pocket watch
With time on both hands to do just as I please
There’s a chill to the breeze on this particular fine evening
Trees they can be mighty in deceiving
As they quietly sway I can make out vague heaving
Kissing and telling of felled autumn leaves
Once in fullest bloom and thence receding

Dare I proceed any further
Didn’t pack a mac in the event of any surges in the weather
Perhaps I really should’ve known better
Not been such a terminal go-getter
Yet something informs that my form represents that of unrelenting trend setter
The kind that can silence the V in Vendetta, snuff it out and then steal its Beretta

This rebel has no cause to pause, no legal clause doth bind me blind
No time fit to waste on chasing tail to same pale shelter
Running footrace from hell straight back to skelter
Got a story to tell, plan to do so well as mild verbose aside ’tis something of a belter
And there is no more fitting time than the present to confide

Walking barefoot down the avenue of dreams
And everything begins to look disparagingly like waking nightmare to me
By predicting the worst, am I gifted the curse
Skitching from the slipstream of a drifting black hearse
Bubble set to burst and trouble looming on horizon
If so, then this is not the chosen path I’ve had my eyes on

Street lights ablaze seem to signal the way
But the shadows play in manner some way more inviting
Light and shade gaily parading while sun and moon misplace all track of time
Aiding and abetting getting closer with my darker side
Long since and with willing cast aside from the province of token man-made pride
Denied by those predisposed to disclose, though doing so solely within light
Two blacks do not stack, the crack is one black and one white
Hence, why I married to the night

Walking barefoot down the avenue of dreams
Eyes open wide, swearing blind I’m fast asleep
Don’t fear the reaper, that creep can read my eulogy and weep for all the shits that I am willing to give
Making a killing from willing on a fate that translates to a life not entirely lived
Trading in souls but mine hasn’t been listed
Gave him a flash but he blinked and then missed it
Now, mystically speaking I’m drastically magic
Jacked up on mystique and lacking in tragic
Tracked down my essence, acknowledged its presence in less than time taken to grab it
This lion heart of mine seduced by the very most elusive white rabbit

Walking barefoot down the avenue of dreams
Four to the floor and one twin flame that breathes
Raising a toast to other ghosts in the tree
Raising their hopes that they’re finally seen and can dare live the dream
Those already doomed to fail can slake thirst on their own snail trails in sunken vessels long since sailed

Sowing seeds in deeds of doubt to cultivate their own cruel harvest
Every move is measured as they turn each truth into a lie
Offer up alternative, one of knowing redesign
Form rants about free will where no such thing exists within dead eyes
Categorically phantasmagorical they might be
But ever so slightly depressing let’s face it
Got to have a minute spare to waste it
Got to have a dream in mind to chase it

Had to believe it could happen to me
And it happened to be that this I was designed to play we
Taking our place at an altar that bleeds
Changing the face of the same old spent scene
Teeth and bones crunching like felled autumn leaves beneath pads of our feet
Walking barefoot down the avenue of dreams

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. This moved me to tears. I wish the one I love showed such fucking INCREDIBLE support as you do for Lady Grey. Selfish I know but it’s the inspiration you give every time I read your words. You are an example of the definition of real love. I need to learn more about myself and will…and am. Thank you both for the light.

    1. Thank YOU for the light you shine for both of us Freckles. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

      You see us. So clearly.
      And we love you sincerely.

      Our sweet sister.

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