Never Before

Title art by Robin Iseley

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I have never before seen anything quite so clearly
in the blink of an eye
all it took to profess
a love that is true
all it took to spread my broken wings to span
and commence flying

I have never before felt more alive than I did in that moment
as my heart beat for two
and the ache went away
In an instant it healed
as our blood then congealed
and these Crystalline castles of ours
now had two times the say

I have never before felt anywhere near as seen
After years of gradual fade
Feeling as though I had not made the grade
That I was a ghost in my skin
imprisoned by the darkness I hosted within
I watched your eyes widen
To take me all in
and naturally I fell straight in

I’ve never before known a soul shine like yours
so bright that it blinds
offers clear line of sight
and reflects the very light within mine
no longer confined
to space or to time
as the radiant soul we now share is of eternal design

I have never before known magic so powerful
always hoped it was real
but needed to feel
and boy did I feel
as the spell which you cast
on all ten of my senses
was very much real
and a once grim reality
became every last fantasy
the very finest of alchemy
and sweetest of deal

I have never before fought so hard
as you made me a lion
reinstated my pride
unlocked every last drop of potential inside
gave me reason to fight
arm in arm we now stride
into battle most fearless
protected by a love which is more than a love
and will not be denied
which need never take sides
as it only abides

I have never before loved anything more
than the one I adore
the girl in my dream
and most beautiful creature I ever have seen
I have died for you many times already
just as you have for me
now we dance once again
in a state of pure Zen
and I have never felt quite so serene
my darling angel
in your arms
I’m completely at peace

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Keeper this is so moving!!! I hear the strong emotion in your voice. I feel your journey from husk to Kingdom Hearts. Love this.

    1. Oh Freckles, I’m so glad you were moved. Knew you would be as you celebrate our love so beautifully. Thank you, more than words, for the stunning title design. And for seeing us through wide eyes always. From husk to Kingdom Hearts. Beautifully put.

    1. Thank you Koala. I know you really enjoyed “The Girl in My Dream” and this one is every bit as precious. Simple prose is often the most beautiful. And there is nothing more simple than the truest of love.

    1. Thank you so very much for your comment Lauren. Truly appreciated. And yes it is an incredibly powerful love, one which has single-handedly reinstated my faith in something I feared I would never find.

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