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come on in
take a seat
and the weight off your feet
lend an ear
huddle close
while i disclose most frank of admissions


you see
i am known as the death technician
should you be of weak disposition
then i’d urge you turn back
as your heart i’ll attack
paint the arteries black
donkey punch it straight out of commission


i can see you’ve upheld your position
feel inclined to applaud such ambition
let’s see if it lasts
as the grey chapel path
lays due south of the road to perdition


ashen petals I scatter
tis my way to express
and with these double daggers
i could carve the bouquet from your chest
leave the rest down to decomposition


or perhaps i’ll go easy
hold back on the ripper
wouldn’t want to alarm the day tripper
you’re my guest after all
do not wish to appall
would much rather arouse your suspicion


watch the colour drain out of your face
as I glide through your personal space
batting lashes
and fashioning slashes
just for the sheer exhibition


should you dare to declare me unhinged
then i’ll perch on the fringe of your psyche and binge to invite your submission
sticks and stones may break bones
but guess what
i break more
and i won’t be requesting permission


do i kill for the thrill
get moist as it spills
as your life ebbs away
do i twist my cold steel
to accentuate this fresh partition


leather apron strings tied
sleeves rolled up
and eyes wide
as i pay my homage
to most unkind time-worn tradition


as i hack, whack and chop
i shall waste not one drop
so it doesn’t appear you’ll be needing that mop
i did say that i’m bloody efficient
you can pray to your god
but i’d hazard a guess
he ain’t listening


try and run
and i’ll snip both achilles
use arterial spray
to repaint my white lilies
apply second coat once it thickens


try to hide
i shall pick up the scent
lie in wait
watch you repent
die inside
and then kill you again
seems a shame to deny recognition


lest not we forget
who you’re dealing with here
you may find me austere
my methods no less than severe
most adept at downfall
but i am after all
the one who they call
death technician


so what do you say
can you stay
shall we play
oh and just to be clear
shall do so either way
i’m insane
by the way
and one tiny last thing
i would hate to be in your position






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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  1. “and should you be of weak disposition
    then I’d urge you turn back
    as your heart I’ll attack
    donkey punch it straight out of commission”
    Hell yes!!!
    This whole piece gouged love in my heart, can I be your partner in grime?

    1. Oh my dearest Mortician Sister…you ARE my partner in crime….mawhahahahaha!

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