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Koop “Koop Island Blues”

Breathe in…

I’ve never had a nightmare like it
One quite so real and terrifying
Prying on my soul to keep
Dying crops foretold to weep

Started with a migraine
So intense it made me puke
Behind the eyes, my prospective prize comprised
A ticking nuke
Primed to level playing fields
No question this was real
Or else suggestion to remain calm
For I could smell the napalm
My throat felt dry
My stomach twisted
All the while, this pain persisted
Feeling some way less than charmed
Assumed fetal positioning
With knees to chin, I curled up in a ball to keep me safe from harm
Yet, nothing I could do improved my chances of remaining calm
Panic set in, raised alarm
This night would be a long one
A single word raced through my addled mind
And that was
Never one time in my life have I felt quite so crippled
Simple movements proved too much
My sweaty palms were out of touch
The agony was out of sight
All thoughts were out of mind
Resigned to ride the serpent
I could feel it bind my ankles
Sliding up my calves, then thighs
With eyes as black as coals
Could not perform a barrel roll
No papers for release
Appeared only one way to make this awful ordeal cease
Had to fall asleep somehow
Find some inner peace amidst the chaos of this waking dream
Coils were getting tighter
Foiling any plan I had to burst their seams
Chest constricted
Breaths restricted
Death denied unwilling victim
All the while, the hissing formed a fist around the murder scene
No further prompt was needed
I receded from its needling grasp
Proceeded to recall The Deepest Om
Until this choke out passed
This throw of dice most likely last
I asked the cosmos deep inside me
Please pitch in and make it timely
Suddenly reclined within the frame of spirit creature
With features of a lion
Beneath the veil, my stride denied
By gossamer depriving air
The oxygen was neither here, nor there
And strangulation everywhere
Yet, no sign of the serpent
Something far worse in peripheral
Its shadow infinitesimal
As eight legs encroached my near sight
The tale of the spider and the fly
Then came to mind
While this arachnid timed its lunge
Dripping fangs all set to plunge
One word raced through my mind
And that was
Had to come undone
Or else, my race was all but run
Then suddenly, with death becoming
Something came from less than nothing
The ties that dared to bind began to slacken
Could not be entirely sure as my viewfinder was blackened
This visitor of mine then promptly actioned inner sight
Would guess the scent of freshened lilies
A good country mile away as the crow flies
Was more than willing to hazard a guess
That no less than a rabbit was gnawing away at this decadent web of most deadly design
With that, I attempted to reopen my eyes
To familiar sting
The migraine hadn’t seen fit to call time on what proposed to be all-nighter and a lock-in
My throat still felt dry
My stomach still twisted
Recurring nightmare reenlisted
However, never would its grip around my lungs feel so tightfisted
For I received the kiss of life before such time as dying
Crashing waves of pain devouring
Feel them now
Behind my eyes
But also feel the warm embrace of sunrise bracing all my senses
As I take my place beneath the shade and lounge as lions do
Have never had a nightmare like the one I had last night
One quite so real and terrifying
Playing out perpetually on loop
Thus, I intend to spend the afternoon with dear friends Koop
Listen to them serenade through native tongue their Island Blues
And when my love awakens
I’ll remember scent of freshened lilies
Glistening with early morning dew
Listening intently as I spin the yarn of mystic charm
Curious in truth and absolute
Say a simple
Thank you
Go on to state
With poise and grace

Without a shadowed doubt
My gut it always knew, remained devout
That you would see me ride this nightmare out

And then, unspun from misery…

Breathe out

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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