Greek Tragedy

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Mikis Theodorakis “Zorba’s Dance”

as in the loss of vitality
it’s this singularity
which permits criminality

as in the snatch of mortality
no dialing shit back
to freejack the polarity

total honesty
each word a token of clarity
as we’re done with blind vanity
double done with formality

so we’re shooting straight
the trigger’s already cocked
there’s one locked into the chamber
and we’re taking that shot

straight to the heart of it
greykeeper make a fine art of this
hunting like Artemis
as we puncture the arteries

check our harmonies
our flow is tight like a pageant queen
our words merge a bond
now we slam each one with majesty

truth it never lies
that’s why we keep this shit real
ventures gained we abstain
from still born will to conceal

they only lie to us
because we turn a blind eye
and in turn leave ourselves
wide open for the Shanghai

this shit ends here damn straight
not wishing to discombobulate
as the pitch that we modulate
only bids to corroborate

every single claim
that they are poisoning minds
telling us how to process
how to act how to lie

the filthy media
have no intention to tell it straight
this cancerous medium
lobotomizes through tedium

hence brutality
you’re fucking right there’s profanity
as there’s only one way
to oppose such insanity

that’s to stare it down
apply some pressure and wear it down
climb each wall of duplicity
and explicitly tear it down

we’re declaring now
that we’ll no longer be silenced
and if you think that we’re violent
well then we guess you’re entitled

each to their own we say
feel free to cash out and pine away
as we’ll still keep on drilling
til we eventually find a way

to the heart of it
we’ll let the Average Joe sit it out
mine deep in the clay
suck out the poison and spit it out

in their lying faces
the ones who stare down their noses
that’s why we bear down imposing
as we get down to exposing

as in resurgent vitality
it’s this singularity
which transcends mere humanity


it’s the most beautiful savagery
who says our lives should wind up
Greek tragedy

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Keeper I adore this!! You speak truth and and I try to do everything you say, it is my motto in life … To love and be happy in every situation, No matter what life throws at you! I’m so very proud of your courage and strength to pick yourself up from that chasm and finally see your worth and your talent. It was there all along. Thank you sweet keeper for this uplifting message! *hugs*

  2. You lift us up and inspire us all the time. Not even certain you are aware you’re doing it. It’s just you. We adore you. xxoo

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