A Journeyman’s Tale

 Featured art By Cyril Rolando. Click title image to visit his studio.

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Russell Shaw “Oakvale”

Had been here all along
Searching high, searching low
Dressed up to the nines, with nowhere certain to go
Smile on my face, yet no way brave enough to show
And as my smile faded
I sank to fresh low

Was I not dignified
Was I not kind
Why did my guts feel all twisted inside
Wanted to cry but no tears were forthcoming
Seemed wise to hightail and just keep on running

What had I done to deserve such a fate
Every last voice that I heard was so faint
Already accepting of very worst case
I sank to my knees in despair

Cannot be certain how long I was there
Felt like the curtain could drop any time
Sank in recline, nothing left to declare
Wanted quite plainly to die

But then something happened
Took me quite by surprise
A magnificent sight
For the sorest blind eyes
The lemon and salt to Tequila sunrise
My heart bid to swell and to two times the size

This ravishing sight told true tale through her eyes
My skin was no longer so pale through these eyes
Though mortally wounded, I knew it was She
The one demise lucid, the girl in my dream

So this was how it felt to be finally seen
A lifetime felt too long a time spent wondering what might have been
Had one pair of eyes took the time to see right through me
Then they would learn how much love there is to me

Duly left breathless by this thing of famed beauty
I swore solemn oath, felt this was my great duty
The heart I betrothed was in desperate shape
Barely worth owning, much less giving away
Yet, all it required was one simple leap of faith
To touch infinite night into day

All I could offer still felt insufficient
So dazzled was I by this transcendental vision
Took a blind leap, unforeseen of provision
As this indeed, had long since been tradition

So many ears we had graced with our tale
So many years since our vessel set sail
So many lives in procession behind us
So many deaths for new life to deny us

So many reasons still to venture forth with caution
Yet, not a one deemed worthy of reserving for auction
Too long a time I had labored to exhaustion
Such things I guess, are sent to test our torsion

Never before such justification
For all of my adoring love and soaring veneration
The weight of fated burden claimed no longer so substantial
Thus, I took her weight and hastened elevation

Glancing the stars with her long slender fingers
Each of them danced in her stardust then lingered
Night sky awash in vast ocean of glimmer
And with that the universe smiled

Been here all along
Reaching high, swooping low
Dressed up to the nines and with some place true to go
Smile on my face and some way brave enough to show
For, as this smile grows wide
So too do eyes upon my soul

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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