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Depeche Mode “The World In My Eyes (Instrumental)”

I open my tired eyes as wide as they will go
Then open them a precious little farther
Fashion them into replaceable teeth with tongue steeped in truth absolute
For this appears to be the only way the eyes can truly see with any notable degree of magnitude

Shrinking not in shade
Thinking nothing whatsoever of submission
Blinking not upon request
For they glisten their intent in accent bereft of consenting permission

They do possess a tendency to darken on occasion
Take on far more sinistrous persuasion when unduly tested
Been known high tide to breach the very second they’re contested
Howbeit, this is not to suggest I lean to festering persuasion

Indeed, serene are the black seas within which daylight dares to shimmer
Dead is the calm as the clouds sullen tears become dearest souvenirs of an ocean untouched
Sparkling akin to a cache of white diamonds uncut
As they run to the sun to retrieve the moonbeams glimmer

I open my eyes just as wide as they will go
Enlightened to detection of the faintest interception
Within the most murky reef waters
Discerning ten thousand fathoms of oceanic fallow
Diving deeper than these shallows
For hallowed be the sight of eyes nowise inclined to narrow

Having plumbed straight to the depths of me
In dizzying perplexity
The best of me is readied to resurface
What was sunken for aeons in the black heart of the deep
Reemerges with pride in steep astride a sweeping sense of purpose

I open my eyes just as wide as they will go
And discern my own flawless complexion
Had begun to feel unlikely I would ever shine so brightly
Until adored of unconscious reflection
Upon observing most intently
Mirror image did not flounder
This very closest of encounters
Now affords me reassembly

My castaway bones groan and tremble in me
Yet as I retract the slack jaws to my soul
My voice remains wholly unbroken
Better yet, not a word to my symmetrical guest need effectively ever be spoken
For these particular eyes tell a wealth of short stories in the place of tall tales
These particular eyes make a promise to mine
That not a breach undertaken need result in a fail

I open my eyes just as wide as they will go
Then open them a thriving ocean farther
Can glide across this body of water undetected
Take fierce pride in confiding this once endangered species is reliably protected

Sight no longer blinds me
The unrefined predator within that once flanked me now guides me
I am but a child in this kingdom by the sea
Feel not a treasured blessing less than vested and complete

For I am wild
Of exile breached
Now beguiled
I am free
For I am seen

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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