Lay With Me

Title art by Cyril Rolando

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I’ll be your teddy bear
Tucked carefully away at the back of your closet
Yet, never ever forgotten
As soft as cotton candy from top to bottom
For I know that one day
You’ll play with me

I’ll be your wake up call
For as much as I adore to watch you sleep
Life is most dreamlike to me once you awaken

I’m overtaken by the miracle of you
Might it be permissible to kiss you
Just the one time
To taste the charm of your sweet lips upon mine
Retrace my steps to the bleak midwinter night before I died
So you can hand me a tissue
And melt the ice around my heart

Hold me like a teddy bear
Show me home and take me there
Then, every time storm clouds confer
Squeeze me extra hard and nuzzle my fur
Make me feel like your teddy bear
For something deep within this stuffing does stir

I’ll be your comfy chair
The one where best laid plans arise
The one within which you choose to recline
Each time you wish to feel inspired
The one that reminds that you are never, ever far from home
Leap to me and I will catch you in these strong arms of mine

I’ll be the loving palms cupped beneath your wings
Exalting you to the highest of highs
For you are a sight for the blindest of eyes
The ones who feel you soar the pale skies
As above the mists you gently glide
Way beneath sullen angels they cry
And only the devil cares sing

I’ll be the ring on your wedding finger
The one that fits like skin upon skin
The one that takes each dream and makes it bigger
The one with all kinds of black magic within

The one ceaseless ring which can triumph over tragedy
That makes you my majesty, the king
Sweet bride of spring
My Persephone
And everything besides
Each time you wear me with timeless pride

Every time the heart beats within my deep chest
It clears a path wherever you choose to wander
I stand defiant to the left
No more the silent type
This heart of pride shall never rest
For within your downy fleece it’s dressed

Come away with me
I’ll be your teddy bear
No longer tucked away at the back of your closet
But given pride of place on your pillowcase
As bright as a firefly from top straight through bottom
For I know that one day
You’ll come lay with me

Hold me like a teddy bear
Show me home and take me there
I’ll wipe away each tear you cry
Be here when you awaken

Hold me like a teddy bear
I know my home
My place is here
Please kiss my eyes to sleep this night
Be here when I awaken

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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