Kiss of Life

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Leonard Cohen “A Thousand Kisses Deep”

I am with you
In this life as reprised from the last
Not a day cycle passes
When I’m not full mast by your side
Cannot mask this devotion
Its balm is the lotion that brought the deceased back to life
Placed the spring back within labored stride
Graced sparkle to such seldom favored eyes
Taught me to overcome fears I despised
Rolled back the years to revered place and time
One of grand chandeliers and a ballroom across which we ceaselessly glide
Palm to palm as we charm all the creatures of night
Serenade the day and fade to grey beneath the shade of deepened sight
The skin we recede in is tight
Yet, we dress to impress upon darkness and light
Using both to proceed as we rise

I am with you
In this heartbeat as next
Bona fide
Upon crest of fierce wave or receding low tide
Every hurt you addressed
As your fingertips pressed on my sternum referred to the pain in my chest curled inside like a huge writhing serpent
Had been there some time, undermining mute servant
With toxins that blinded, this snake was insurgent
Twisting and turning, its urgency furthered perversion to curse the excursion
It was you who reached in and caressed the beast out of its lair
As the serpent uncoiled, my heartbeat then grew stronger
Has strengthened ever since, its hisses no longer belong here
Have been freed of its deadening glare

I am with you
Mapping the stars
To show gratitude
For the happenstance which led me calmly back to you
No coincidence the cosmos intervened
As a matter of fact, I retract every thought that I walk this earth of my own steed
May have stumbled on uneven ground
Yet, evermore grateful am I for the feet I have found
With weapon unsheathed, I am ready now
Fears have eased and my sword arm is steady now
To fight for my beautiful death by your side
To come back with shield, or upon it with pride
Every day a sonnet
Every nightfall lullaby
To recline for final time with your palm within mine offers heavenly recital of divine
Indeed, my whole life is your shrine
We may exist neath a rainbow of chaos
Yet the entire universe can be seen in your eyes
In your Crystalline reflection, lives and breathes within mine

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Just when all seems darkest a hand reaches out to lift you up, what a wonderful gift Sir Giles had given you, though possibly unaware he did. You have a family here always Keeper, all it takes is the push of a button and a world of support and love is at your fingertips. Glad you are still with us. Much love, as always, your Governess xo

  2. Oh keeper, don’t you know how many lives you touch…just one loving & caring touch from a wounded soul to another has a ripple effect and who knows how far out it reaches. Thanks to Sir Giles for being a hand ,unbeknownst to him, that reached out to you and look at the ripples you both made! I’m glad that he was there for you and that you are here for your #Grueheads..we need you ya know! We love you. <3 Xoxoxo

  3. Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt responses ladies. I am speechless at this point which is something of a rarity for me but I’m so glad it resonated. <3

  4. There are days where I think maybe I should just stop writing. Then I take myself through the archives and find pieces that inspire me to continue. You do that for me Always. Even in darkest hours your written words provide my light the ability to recharge.
    Forever & Always never forget that.
    My souls twin light only lives in 1 place. That will never CHANGE XOXO

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