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Tangerine Dream “Stratosfear”

These are dark days we live in
Sharp pains in the archways of the heart maze
A bizarre case of the harsh gaze of remarks made in a dark haze by retardates reincarnate
With no start date to bourgeois state and no barred gate to discharge rate

These are dark days we live in
Their campaign trail is a snail trail and this run race is in the late phase of decay rate
No great faith for their strain rate as they contemplate concave shapes
Pull the drapes and chase tails in a figure of eight that spells date rape

These are dark days we live in
It’s a crying shame that the crying game is denied space in its rightful place
We hide away our right of way to pine away a wide array of quiet pains
This cycle plays until vital flame becomes a trifle pale and it’s a frightful waste

These are dark days we live in
Leave the yard waste to its harsh fate as the slave trade suffers weight gain
Got a freight train made of straight face with a great range raising frame rate
Taking vague shape in the gateway of each brain wave entertained
Taking heart-break and its name sake for a day trip to the mainframe

These are dark days we live in
Should we painstakingly maintain an untamed frame
Then our membrane will retain claim of the drained veins that we braid for great pain’s sake
As the chains break we can take shape
Take a break from the display case and vacate before the frame breaks

These are dark days we live in
The underlying aim is to rising fame in one sharp intake
To supplying aid before dying saints become drying paint in declining phase
Start assigning blame
Take their eyes from the prize they once claimed and make haste in tastelessly slaying the name of undying faith

These are dark days we live in
But the aim is to take underlying traits and combine in weight
Inviting place for one mighty race of timeless grace in arising haste to apply the brakes
With innate taste for sky high stakes
We retain fractured stature ornate
Give props to the capture and live for the chase
Therefore we never need remain chaste

These are dark days we live in
Which means infinite shadows to lurk within
This ever stellar cellar dweller with eyes of Liz Taylor and the brows of Peter Sellers
Shall never say never again
As an everlong throng of strong reason dictates that the wrong way is a long way from the safe place we come home to every day

These are dark days we live in
And there really is no place like home sweet home
Had a feeling this would be the case so we took our place for one graceful leap of faith
Made sense of each feeling
In abode of no floor, walls or ceiling
Revealing the treason that has the world reeling beyond any reasonable doubt
Fading to grey as we play this for keeps with a clean sweep of neat faith and double on devout

These are dark days we live in
No question of that fact of life
But we are done with slumped shoulders and the glum hum of humdrum re-runs
For something wicked this way comes

Call us crazy and strange
Call us fucked up, deranged
Call us pearly white but don’t forget to add a trace of deep red
As we know all the hot spots where angels fear to tread
And our chop shop is way out of sight

With a shark bite set to jackknife you are damn right you can call us Mack the Knife
This pair of contemplative natives cut straight to the chase and ill-fate those who fail to take the bait and come alive
The name is greykeeper F.Y.I. and you can find us down by the river don’t cha know
No need to turn on the lights

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. The Keeper Sequnece is my first Favorite 2nd to Whorewolf sequence. But then again i Love Them All and visit them all Frequently…Shhhhhh not don’t Shhhh Tell Everyone!! Yes … Must

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