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Mantovani “Onedin Line”

I always knew
Twas thine
Way back at the end of the line
Thus the very most start
Mine heart informed me as much
In not so many words and yet ten thousand worlds apart

Our chosen art brought us together
Twas crystalline clear we were brave cavaliers
And birds of uncannily neighboring feather
As the tide in our eyes of reclusive ensign did not one time incline to break tether
When palm to palm our hands endeavored readily to arc

I knew just as much
For twas thine from the start
Tis why I fame thy divine name all other braves above
The universe led me to thee
Blest our blue garden with infinite green
Would nary drowse until both were foreseen
Through beaded black eye of a raven
On the silver-grey breast of a dove
Twas nothing between
Purely love

I always knew that thine fingers wore magic
Had cast healing charm over partings so tragic
That every last glance of their enigmatic tips
I would seize upon mine pallid lips
Impart to thine delicate wrists
Commissioning the world at our feet to instantaneously eclipse
While the day and the night pride its magnetizing fabric

I always knew I would find the one designed for mine own mind’s eye
Once declined with resigned sigh
Undermined by each sight to mine hind
Mine vision no longer impedes
For thine hath versed me handsomely upon the sight in blindness

Edified instinct with a most distinct glare
Looked me dead in my soul like a sphinx in its lair
Impassioned not only to meet but to dare
Our eyes one sight alone precisely share

The fluid of time doth no longer impair
The balm of thine love is all I wish to wear
The tree of mine bones is no longer so bleak or so bare

Fallen Autumn leaves derive great courage from despair
Doth bluster in the gust of thine conviction
Lean back in the most pacific of positions
Then elevate
Towering o’er every trite religion

I always knew that balladry was written in the stars
Each light resourceful
Though it appeared illegible
And some way non-comparable
To majesty long fallen
To the cipher of mortals

Twas thine who made each one a portal
To a mystical realm I knew well from mine dreams as a child
A faraway landscape with view grandiose
Hushing the zephyr of tied tongue verbose
Where this path leads, not a single one knows
Tis here our life-stars are immortal

I always knew I had lived many lives
A great many too fast
Alas, as the cruel summers passed
This commenced to resemble mine last
The dye had been cast and mine eulogy prepared
While the heavens led abandon, there seemed one thing notwithstanding
That for all eternal damning
The devil may care

Howbeit, no more did I scare
For here every breath was mine first, not mine last
And each of mine deaths had come only to pass
Leading mine charge down the path to the left
Twas here where we our blackest eyes met

I always knew thy would fashion a believer from me
Ever aware we would hold hands, declare a love more than a love beneath this very tree
Seize both the day and the night
Never ever at arms as we inhale the stars

Take every inconceivable leap
For tis thou who doth blossom the spring in each stride
Thou who doth move in mysterious ways
Thou who through hell and high water
Shall not be denied
In a manner never lessening
Thy blessèd wings
I salute

Subject not to dispute
The one heavenly body with no substitute
I shalt spend an eternity locked in thine gaze
Faithfully lost in a maze with no wish to escape
A twisting labyrinth of infinite whim singing infinite hallow of nothing but thee
For thine sake

It is you
Has always been you
Will always be so
For every last beat of your deepest soul’s heart is most gorgeously true
I would gorge all ten senses and more, adore nothing but utterly you
Willingly sink and swim in a far-reaching ocean of you
Only you

Our river doth flow
And would not thine know
My haste it doth not any longer forbid me to show
For always I knew
Twas not but one thing whatsoever
If not

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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