The Long and Winding Staircase

Featured artwork by L.H. Grey

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Phaeleh “The Mist”

You are absolution
As I delight in the caress of your warm breath against my neck
Fingertips glancing my slender torso
I am exonerated of an immutable sorrow

No appeal for clemency required
For it is granted by the silky strobe of your lashes upon my nape
Guarantor to each pore that eagerly gapes

Licorice locks coiled tastefully about my downy shoulders
Worn as impenetrable coat-of-arms
In place of immodest burden

Your taste upon my rosebud lips
Tactile and abiding
Ever obliging
Mercury kisses which need not bid to unfurl

Pooling around my tongue as I savor the silvery-white slather of your own
Squeezing ever so gently as though coercing captured calling
From the soul deep within the labyrinth of my bones

That part of me died long ago
You placed bloodstained lilies at my graveside
Your crystalline teardrops danced upon the parched earth
And once more it generously bloomed

That part of me is the living art within my sempiternal gaze
Your pelt
The only canvas within which I desire to be framed

Painted with the stolen smile of Mona Lisa
Capolavoro abbandonato di da Vinci

You are absolution
As I delight in the caress of slender fingers down my spine
Every vertebrae you reinforce
In titanium
Then, as the temperature soars
I change to your living color

We make passionate love beneath the glow of the velvet moon
Leaving but a single impression on the bed sheets
None before us so well attuned
For we have bled into one now
Shall not come undone now
The shadow we cast
Is of a pair of long-lost lovers
Divorced of earthly others
Finally reunited within a single inviolable skin

Waltz your timeless waltz my beloved
For you lead with an elegance the luminaries of heaven dare not covet
And I trace each flawless footprint with credence absolute
As we ascend the long and winding staircase together
In deathless binding

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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