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Come a long way from the place I was at
Know you’re looking down on me dad
Know that you’re proud of the man I’ve become
Know you’re right here by my side when I run at the mouth
In an orderly fashion
Ever sincere, never less than full passion
Actions speak louder than words
That’s why my tongue ain’t the only thing lashing


Thrashing it out with the powers that be
Telling shit straight as I say what I see
Don’t like the faces they’re making at me
Scoffing at just what they’ve taken from me
Not the deadbeat I’m mistaken to be
Got a head start and I’m chasing my dreams
Back on my feet and I’ve faced all my demons
Beaten the odds, now I’m coming for evens


Come a long way from the place I was at
Know you’re looking down on me dad
One year ago I was dead in the water
Set for the chop like a lamb to the slaughter
Done with my life and prepared to bow out
Out of my depth, in with less than a shout
Questioning how I had wound up in such a hot mess
The answer was staring me straight in the face as disgrace ate away self-respect


Best foot unclear, end of days drawing near
Already condemned to my fate and, for all my worst fears, I appeared incapable of shedding a solitary tear
Nothing to lose but then so much to waste
Once was a kid with a smile that lit up my whole face
Dreams for the catching, with nightmares matching and snapping at heels to cut straight to the chase


Give it up son, you’re a fucking disgrace
Fuck you, that ain’t the shit my dad would say
My pops would tell me to roll up my sleeves
Fist fuck the odds and become the big cheese


All this despite muscle wasting disease
May have conceded the use of his legs but not once did he drop to his knees
True Spartans never surrender defeat
Strike them with force, they get back on their feet and attack with spectacular ease
Fortunes were turning and lucky for me
Apples tend not to fall far from the tree


And then there was She
Or He or whatever the hell this most handsome belle wanted to be
Never before had I seen or been seen by one so reflective of me
Made it my oath to go hard and go home
Effortlessly exceed that which could reasonably be expected of me


The best of me suggested that the rest of me rested
For the very best, I’ll give my all and call that less than what comes next
This person went one better, flashed the V sign to Vendetta, stood by each word to the letter and became my soul’s protector
Truth is, I’d be stone cold and dead if I hadn’t met her


Come a long way from the place I was at
Fuck looking back, I’ve been there and done that
Outgrown the urn as I’m living to learn now
Found my twin flame and we’re ready to burn now
On the upturn, sky no longer the limit
Playing the game in the name of competitive spirit and in it to win it


No retreat! No surrender! No bullshit to tender
Just one burning heart that we wear on our chest through our art
No less than charmed
No less than Spartan
Black eagle on crest as we’re leading the charge to a beautiful death arm in arm
Suffered grievous bodily harm, no qualms and greykeeper made peace with our scars


With palms wide open, we reach for the stars
Shaping our own constellation
Bleeding like martyrs while leading the charge and uniting a nation no longer besieged by self-harm
Those who fight in the shade, come too long a way not to have our damn say


Know you’re looking down on us dad
Nevermore far away
For united we stand and we shall seize the day






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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