Ballad of the Blood Moon

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Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”

I wish to be hunted
I wish to be stalked
I wish to be devoured on the night of bloody moon
Feasted on by ravenous wolves

Have never envisaged a pain so exquisite in all of my life
Until now, the privilege has somehow passed me by
Have been desired, felt beautiful
Yet always remained dutiful to playing in familiar grounds and straying not from sight

I wish to be your slaughtered lamb this night
No need for altercation for I have no inclination for a fight
Prepared to die, my final breath denoting that of death divine
To smile at my reflection in thine testifying eyes
To see that I am beautiful
To feel that I’m the prize

I wish to face the alpha
Be set upon and cornered
Feel that every cautious step is under starter’s orders
The waltz be led, all introspective thoughts be bled of fear
Replaced with heightened senses and a sense of cavalier

I am ready now
Both sword and shield arm steady now
However, I have no intent on using them this night
Indeed, as I invite my end
Shall let them drop to rugged ground
While you prowl perimeter, making not a solitary sound
Prepare to pounce and graze my grateful flesh with your incisors
Tear and share amongst the glare of pack as appetizer
Gnaw the rind and lick my bones
Place me on my shield and take me home
For on this night, have but one wish
To see my crimson blood upon thine lips
To feel the kiss of death divine
To smile at my reflection in thine eyes
To see that I am beautiful
To feel that I’m the prize

To know that I’m a man
Spartan King in my own right
And for my Queen, prepared to put up bloodiest of fights
As blood moon bleeds the spilling skies
Beneath the bridge of spies
My bloody heart I sacrifice with willing
Fairest game for thee
I wish to seat at a most handsome feast
To be your banquet
Feel your teeth inside me as I writhe
My only wish to live to be devoured on this night

Have bathed in red wine
Been baptized in grape
Cut each of my veins and I’ll bleed in thine name
Gratification is not my motivation
Ongoing education showing no signs of slowing
The heart in my chest beats at thine sole request
The love inside knows only how to grow
Simply wish to place my hand within your deepest fire
Know just how it feels to be the prize
Through eyes of my one true desire

It is time to face the alpha
Become the man I’m famed to me
Stride with honour, bravely venture forth onto the battlefield
To see the wolf
To be the kill
To bleed until you’ve taken fill
Only should this be thine will
A wish is but a wish
After all

I kneel at your feet
Kiss the whispering air that you breathe
Stand naked before thee
Thence drop to my knees
With dignity graced by a Queen
My honour, my brave, the deepest red blood in my ventricles finally seen
In heightened sense of all things thee
Beneath the blood moon as it weeps

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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