As I bow and kiss your hand
I think to myself,

He is the loveliest creature in this land

Of sin, and hell and heaven grand

His bloody footprints stain
The sand

Within the hourglass
My soul doth keep

I would bleed oceans
For him upon my knees

If to save one single hair on his head
From cruelty or malice
Or shadowed dread

I would fall

Hitting the ground

If his heart and his voice
Were the only sound

To quench my ears
From the shattering glass

Of pain and sorrow
Embracing my past

A composition of
Musical trance

Forever within

Wilt thou dance?

Close to my skin
Chiseled in my heart

Not even deaths hand
Shall tear us apart

Ne’r the sword of time
Could cut or sever

The tie which binds
From now into never

Through furious skies
And ominous weather

Our souls shall remain,

Sutured together

For scars we both have
Uniquely incised

You’ve become to me,
The most sensible demise

The tapestry which covers
Every inch of my frame

All fragments and shards
Engraved with your name

The Stigmata
Which hath manifested

No measure of Holy Water ingested
Could exorcize
This sacrosanct possession

For it would be a travesty
Of Divine regression

To rid my soul
Of this Revelation
Leaving me a
Divided nation

With not hope
Or want of any salvation

A hollow and wounded
Warrior without armor

If ever left absent
Of my precious Lover




L.H. Grey


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