Gory Love



Title art by L.H. Grey



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Be still
O, gory heart of mine
For you bleed with purpose on this night
Your final beat it has been requested
And She shall reimburse you as She grips on tightly


I adore the way the blood spatters across her tunic
A deeper red shade I never have seen
Have never before known an incision made so cleanly
This is not to suggest there will be anything less than the hottest of messes
Indeed I profess, she’s a fountain of the very goriest excesses


Imbrued in tacky sanguine solution
She is instantly forgiven intrusion
Her divine execution reeks not of decay
For She has vowed absolution for my dying day


Right now, she is watching me jettison
Yet it’s on terms we agree that the Ripper’s blade flays
No intention whatsoever of leading me astray
This path I walked of my own free will
Knew damn well the risks and finger fucked every last one for the kill
Just to spill in her honor


My bleeding heart then opened wide
as this rich crimson tide met its beauteous bride
She who could and would not be denied
She with the very blackest of eyes


Til death do not us part
I shall deliver my very own eulogy and rot in her arms
And deep within this plot is a sarcophagus fitted for two
But accommodating only one
As we are bound by a ribbon which can not be undone


If I were the goddess Durga then I would happily chance all eight of my arms
For I have never once witnessed a storm quite so calm
Simply charmed to decompose in her presence
She of such divine luminescence
I am positively high on her intoxicating essence


In truth, I perished the very second she claimed me
and cherish the way she beckoned to maim me
No rusted iron manacles restrained me
Just a sprig of barbed ivy
As this creeper She dug most persistently deeper
And every last cruel twinge was decidedly timely


Kindly as she slaughtered and not one time did she commence to falter
This sacrifice was voluntary
For I kneeled most willingly at her altar
No sound reason to elude her
After all, I was already mortally wounded long before her blade extruded


Now I’m bleeding out
Drowning in a sea of deep red tranquility
Although this vast ocean ratifies mobility
And never once looks to hamper
It’s a ruby decanter
Palate cleanser to swill
Guzzle down then refill
Until such time as it overspills with not a single drop ever wasted
As my bones have already been basted
And her pouting lips have long since tasted the kill


Thus, should I succumb once again on this night
and just to be clear
I very well might
Then I shall do so with crystalline clear line of sight


A dense river of grue flows to guide
Its high tide the one place on this godforsaken earth where I truly wish to reside
In the woods somewhere
Down the Grey-Chapel Path
The very quaintest of spots
Murder scene


Time of death was first sight on that bleak winter night in December
Twas the first time I watched her dismember
Like a butcher she severed
Carving through each last tether
And every ribbon she fashioned
Made me feel far less ashen


Bled me straight back to life
Melted down stubborn ice
Now it pools to congeal
Just to caress that sweet steel
Feel it twist
Feel it jerk
See this Ripper at work
As to die on her slab is an infinite perk


Gory love so profound
I’m no longer held up or beat down
As through life I surrendered my heart
But in death at her masterful hands it has forever been found



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    1. Dearest EJ, thank you so much for your comment. Been out of the game for the past few months but wanted you to know how much your kindness is appreciated. You really are a very special soul.

  1. “Now I’m bleeding out
    Drowning in a sea of deep red tranquility”… that struck me so strongly as a sufferer of borderline PD. This piece is magical. Love it!!

  2. “Now I’m bleeding out
    Drowning in a sea of deep red tranquility”

    Self-harm perfectly captured. Brilliant beautiful work!

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