Paper Plane









Amanda Palmer “Paper Planes”






Paper plane
Flying high
Kissing fresh horizon
As it straddles the skyline
Time marches on underneath
Racing rats they chase their tails through e’er prevailing labyrinth
Paper plane gains altitude
Clouds collude to force conclusion
Still it rises
Still it twirls
Wind beneath its flimsy wings as airborne flower gradually unfurls
Yet, no less than defiantly this paper plane it glides
Cutting ribbons of the skies
Ascending trajectory effectively denied
By daring venture out of range
Out of sight
Out of mind
Out of touch
And it’s strange
Paper plane still refrains from free falling
For its glazed eyes see destiny is calling
Don’t give up
This isn’t your time
This isn’t your fate
Your vision is too great
Provisions in place to be seen
And one fine day
Might just be today
Just believe
Burst in flame
Burn your name through the skies
Paper plane
Flying high
Find the nearest shooting star
And hold on tight




© Copyright: greykeeper ™ Chapel Black ™




  1. Magnificent imagery! The apparently flimsy and weak gaining, learning strength until it spontaneously combusts and scorches it’s name in the sky. Above all. There forever. When you catch that star, fly on until morning sunrise.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment David. Truly appreciated and really needed to read that today. All the best.

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