Butterfly Kiss

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Crazy Town “Butterfly (Instrumental)”

On the rocks
Just ice
And perhaps a twist of lemon
Pour it right
And it just might be
Just like kissing heaven
Draw a bath
Submerge in bubbles
Let your troubles soak away
Listen to my soothing tone
And celebrate the day

Celebrate the way you make the world a better place
Simply by existing
With such dignity and grace
Live your life declining that a moment go to waste
Please, my dearest
Never ever change

Our truth
Is so beautiful
Simple and pure
In your sweet embrace
I feel ever secure
Thus, I do not feel it would be premature
To say I shall love you forever
Whatever the weather
Through petulant storm
In your sweet embrace
I feel safe
I feel warm
Your wings are my shelter
Wherein I’m adored
I found my true form
In your feathers

One word, in kind
And my heart skips two beats
Yet, never one time does it picture defeat
Would drop to my knees
Just to kiss your bare feet
Amidst dandelions in bloom

I found it in you
The one secret I kept
That one thing true blue
Shed of every dream dreamt
Adventures untold
Each to have and behold
A measureless garden where wild flowers grow

Divine is the kingdom
Of all that is you
Sublime is your vision
And mighty your truth
Each new dawn delighted
Reminds me of you
Your violet
My green
Our true blue

My dearest
I would move the mountains to luxuriate your view
I would part dead seas with ease
To see you keenly through
I would dream a dreamer’s dream
And dream this dream for two
Just as you would do the same for me

In your fine name
I am wild
I am brave
You are the coulis that cascades my veins
Yours is the kool aid
On midsummer days
Refreshing the blessèd terrain
I bask in your light
And revise in your shade
Learning fresh ways
To ignite in your flame
Ours is an eternity
To ever twine in braid
Just as has forever been our way

I remember well the day
That I fell in love again
Found a place within your art
Where my heart feels warm and safe
Found the same within your arms
Of forevermore embraced
My dearest
Treasured be thy name
You are why
I fame the night and celebrate the day
I guess, in kind
That some things never change

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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