Suspiriorum Waltz



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Goblin “Suspiria”





Has been all about recovery
A time of realization, rediscovery
Have learned more in this period than any other combined
Turned the blind corner, know damn well I’m some way from inferior
What better way could there be to begin redesign than within the interior
One look in mine and one word came to mind

Structurally speaking, foundations were sound
But something felt off and I felt I had grounds to vacate my bed in the dead glare of night, search around
As legend would have it, a coven exists
Deep within this edifice
Others dared not speak of this
No doubt bound by mythical tryst
Whispers in the hallways of my mind
Led to an orifice
The mouth of my own madness


Listlessly I drifted like a ballerina out of sync
Caught up in a timeless waltz
Divorced from thoughts of comfort
My one burning desire to understand so I could process
With no less than all of me all at sea, all I could see were dead-ends
Hard to pretend everything is okay
When the best of you seems set upon by decay
Had no intention of withering away
Had the blindest of faith I’d be spirited away
To some place far and away from this desperate place


Beyond the door the truth did lie
Come inside said the spider to the fly
Dawn mists cannot rise until such time as twilight passes
No time like the present then to summon inner strength
Enter the gloom of this mysterious room and prepare for the ghastly
Crawlspaces writhing with tongues unrelenting
Bending a truth I already knew deep down
The monstrosity that lied in wait behind the drape was none other than I


Harder on none other than yours truly
Knew of a side of me way more inclined to act out through abstracted design most unruly
Indeed, ’twas none other than I making B-line back to me
Howbeit, bare pads of my feet were beseeched to solve pieces of a puzzle historically completed


Had I retreated with vial of antitrust
Then barbed wire would have beaten the rush just to snag me
Made me wish I’d never chose to exit the taxi
Composed unfinished symphony of somber orchestration
Nothing left of sole administration
This waltz was a blizzard of wizardry beheld
Kissed my pale lips with a fairy tale to tell
Haunted nevermore as the ghost of me adored the ghost of She
Holding hands tight through our waltz for a night
We had breached daylight, thus achieving crystalline
Thus, our beautiful minds could finally be seen in true glory


My Alpha led this dance, that so grandiose in rapture
Tossed me a lifeline, encouraged I play catcher
Lost in a melody ever more delirious
Lily petals scattering to fashion pathway clear to us
Cimmerian shade in our eyes whence we glided
Locked in a passionate embrace which duly guided
Arrived at the bedside in amazement, with grace
She squeezed on my hand as I reached for the drape
Pulled it back, revealing my worst enemy to me
‘Twas nobody else but yours truly
And then I was freed


Miraculous recovery, spectacular, unending
Mirrors nowise cracking through inaccurate reflection
Faced my own Suspiria, refurbishing interior
Lost in a melody ever more delirious


Whence blessed lips glance the mouth of our own madness
Timeless curse be lifted
Has been a time of realization, rediscovery
Howbeit, the balance has significantly shifted
By sharing my worst nightmare
I double dared to dream a little dream no longer cryptic
From timeless waltz comes scorching rumba
Amidst the smoldering embers mid-December


Eyes wide shut, our lips are locked in passionate embrace
Twinned flame in our eyes whence we rise up like fiery Phoenix from the ashes
Break the stubborn chains of mental health and chronic pain
And very simply
Breathe again





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill



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