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Nightfall approaches
Encroaching my chamber
Poaching the light like an ignoble stranger
Groping with wantonness
Choking my cognizance
Opening bottomless pockets of danger

Somnolence washes away my discerning
Signing disclaimer for my resignation
Cogwheels are turning
Yet, motion is blurring
Shadow draws closer
Conferring of undue sedation

Congestive clots clog the train of my thoughts
Divorcing my brain from its faltering station
Their crude estimations and skewed recitations
Refute dedication to set a preventive scene vesting retaliation
My one remaining hope entails prevailing not but claiming lot
Approving right to choose my destination
Dreaming up a little dream enlarging of my margins
Not obliging to incarceration

Eyes are growing heavy now
Telling how they can no longer safeguard fading consciousness
Straining under prominence of shadow gaining confidence
Toppling rearguard attack and prompting lack thereof as consequence
Ominous in rapture as they obstinately bind and set their sights on folly blind to prize their capture
Prodding impolitely at a mind retired in light of compound fractures
Predominately digging in while podding me akin to body snatchers

Sleep appears the best defense
When all you hear is nothingness
Dropping off the precipice of waking life and breaking ties to failing light in favour of the nebulous
Restless native chasing dreams serene within which I can make my play
My way
Facilitating exodus
Save each soul that I behold
Those untold of wakefulness
Break the cursed chains of maim
Replacing them with circlets of blessedness

Effortlessly shift into my robe of choice
Rejoice the day that night proposed to steal away whence shadow paced my chamber
Face my fears
Embrace the danger
Lay waste to ignoble strangers
Open mindscape bottomless
And pocket every faceless danger
Pour a little sugar in the tank of thankless wraiths of Eidolon
Slay each easy rider and the bones they glide astride upon
This to buy the time required to hide and seek lost souls
Find a way to prise them free from tombstones with no known namesake inscribed upon

As nightfall encroaches
Inviting my eyes into slumbering wake
With glad I give my soul to take up active role of dream catcher
Somnolence is rapture as is stature of my dreamlike state
Souls paroled are thus denied perpetuating capture
Cogwheels still turning
Yet, motion shows no sign of blurring
And, as shadow draws in closer
A light once sedated
Is never more failure persuaded
Transcendentally venturing forth to endorse light and shadow of infinite braiding

Please do feel free to take away one parting gift of firm belief
Before I bid you all the sweetest dreams
Life is what we make it when the dreams we weave perceive most spacious shaping
Dream that little dream
Learn to take the fall midst deepest sleep and thence definitively waken

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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