The Time I Saw a Raven Cry




Title art by Józefina Litwin. Click image to visit her studio


The following prose is dedicated to my Viking Sister, Irene Langholm. When I met your beloved Twinkitten, I knew instantly how precious you are. Knew that we too were twinned and it mattered not that I didn’t know you at the time as… I knew you. Certain souls just are. And yours just is. We are indeed a rare breed. And a fortunate kind. Our fusion “The Time I Saw a Raven Cry” resonated with you strongly when I sent you a reading recently. Thus, as your proud Viking Brother, I wish to present this one to you. Du er sett.


– Richard the Lion –



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Whilst walking through the cemetery one crisp midwinter day
I came across a raven with an awful lot to say
Perched upon a tombstone on a sprig of silver ivy
Had lost my way and prayed this handsome bird would see fit to remind me


What is my obsession with this peaceful little plot
Why can’t I remember ever seeing those forget-me-nots
Not like I can turn back all the clocks and retrace every step
Could I be a victim of mere consequence


Questions running through my head and answers not forthcoming
Heading nowhere fast, aghast to stand there like a dummy
Raven’s eye upon me, ever searing yet endearing


For it had been so many years since I was truly seen
Folk would glance and some might stare
But few discerned my bleeding heart
And fewer still appeared to care


Dared not to share that part of me with those who loved me only with condition
Permission seldom granted to enchant them with my humble wisdom
Not that I was perfect, may that thought proceed to perish
But diamonds are forever when embellished in a crown


Only had this pesky frown
The likelihood of thorough dressing down by fear and loathing
Companions of a bleeding heart
Tearing hopes and dreams apart
Needed to patch up and fast
Reach the end to make a start


Had no choice but letting go of all my hopes and dreams
For with them, I expelled the fear which had eyes just for me
No choice to make, I did the thing
Would do so ten times over
This selfless act I’d reenact through skin and bone to dust of me


A sacrifice indeed
For hopes and dreams have long since been my inner child’s delight
Until this point, I could not bear to bid myself goodbye
From boy to man to boy again
To man one final time


Could it be these hopes and dreams would no longer be seen through quite so keen a pair of eyes
With that, the raven winked at me
I shed a tear instinctively
We shared a moment principally of mythical design


Years rolled back, my eyes reclined
In fragments of long captured time
Scattering like ash across the borders of my fractured mind
Reminding of the lives I’d left behind
And the only thing of constancy
Indeed, this raven strangely looked like he or she
The one designed for me


Had never seen a raven cry until that crisp midwinter day
Or night, I don’t recall the time
But do recall forget-me-nots
Stand here in this peaceful plot
With hopes and dreams before me
Leave them up to chance now as chances are the universe adores me


I guess this bleeding heart of mine will always be a part of me
Howbeit, now a relic of my artistry
The soul it leads and raven bleeds a trail of blood-red lilies at my feet
Sometimes I come here just to read
Perched against the tombstone my soul’s watcher oversees


I feel at peace this day or night
Can’t quite recall the space or time
Yet, evermore forget me not
The time I saw a raven cry




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