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Unconditional love
That is what I crave with ageless brave
To feel like I’m a part of something not subject to change
May appear I’m coasting on the waves of great self-confidence
Appearances have been known to deceive
Not that I intend such, but a clown saves tears for after the performance
Has a job to do and will do such right up to final curtain fall
The smile I wear is genuine when feeling that I’m giving joy to those who need a pick up
Some see this as stick up, as theft of sorts with self-dressed cause
This saddens me as I would gladly offer up my heart from chest, do so bereft of pause
To watch it beat for all those I adore


I am pure love, mean less than harm
Would much rather impress with charm
No cunning plan or underlying reason
No part of me uncharted as I dress for all four seasons
The one thing constant here is light
Can commandeer from very blackest night
Often I remind myself that there’s a reason why we fight
Study closely, you’ll see this is mine
Given that I’m lover not a brawler, I choose battles wisely
Never ever raise my sword intent to maul and blindly


Even when I choose to purge, I do so not to feel the surge of power long since left some way behind me
Even then, I soon revert to type again
Looking to promote some hopeful smiles again
Have a voice, my choice to use it kindly
If only to remind me that I can still make a difference
Nothing much if not persistent
Six long years I’ve plied my trade
In the hope that one day I’ll be seen
Not to sit atop the tree, toss acorns at the needy
Not to act obscenely in belief of my own hype
Not to gripe at all those who propose the only way is friendly fire
Just to know that pure love can inspire
Once we hold hands and grow together, set some goals composed to reaching higher


Too saccharine for some, I get it
Life’s a bitch and I would do well never to forget it
Yet, still I trend to betterment of veteran belief
That some of us do not possess capacity to lie between our teeth
Have told fair share of those, though not one time since I picked up the quill
Proof is in the honest truth it calls upon each time comprising spill
Had my fill of holding back the cold hard facts to sanction not to deal
Made myself so ill that I may never fully heal
But, should a single wound be dressed to lessen others curse
Then blessed be my wake, my soul to give and yours to take
For it may not be too late to spin the hearse


Would much rather not this spoken verse of mine inspire posthumously
However, for this cause I am all in at the river playing martyr
Know my father would be proud, that I have made him so inhumanly
This is why my blue eyes still incline towards the sparkle
This is why I soldier on regardless
This is why I slacken off the harness of depression
This is why I’m learning every lesson I’m provided
When someone dear to me suggests my heart is slipping, damn well listen
Better yet, I thank them for their timely, kindly wisdom


Not that vision’s blurring as to all that I’m conferring
But I’m hurting worse than I may well let on
Hopes and dreams are ever present, destiny in throng
Yet, every day is testing will to turn this path of self-destruction into something that resembles song of life-preserving
Forty four years old I may well be
But just the same in days away from stone cold, should clear signs not be well heeded
This is where I tend to spend my waking days and nights in flight
This is how I stand up to the blight that has me crippled
This is when my hopes and dreams proceed to double, triple
This is why I skim the stones, feel home sweet home as rivers ripple
Do for love
For one thing unconditional


Signed my petition for dying too soon
Blind as I leap into each one of you
Not for the grope, something oceans less sordid
Just a shameless hugger, guess I get that from my darling mother
Love her to the dust of me for such divine endorsement
My grandmother Ivy was an angel of infinite grace
One other face reminds me that she’ll never ever be all that far away
My soul confides the universe
And not the other way
That was merely rite of passage
Grateful for the one fine day
But answers lie in pride of place provided by the kindness graced upon a soul with no place left to go but to the light supplying right of way in blindest faith and dignified its luminescent glow


My heart it beats, adores all that it sees
I’m rising in a tidal wave of love that dashes nightmares at my feet
Amidst the low tide of sweet dreams
I tread these waters ever keen
To change a fate long since estranged from destiny
See me
Please do
I am ever sincere and forevermore crystalline clear in my truth


I am love
It is pure
The smile I wear is genuine and lends demure tremendous
The possibilities no less than endless
And, should this prove life sentence
Then I’m spending it the one way according to my nature
I’m a lion see
Chosen family my swollen pride
And should I die before I wake, then please make no mistake
I’ll be climbing high to take my place aside beloved Ivy with the grace my smiling face forever dignifies




Richard Charles Stevens




  1. Absolutely beautiful from start to emotional finish. You are loved and very very seen dearest friend.

  2. not meaning to worry you and not seeking sympathy but if I do not RT or acknowledge your tweets it will be because I am taking a sickie. Will catch up when I return.

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