In The Twilight, On This Day

The original version of In The Twilight, On This Day is available in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Rimel Neffati.

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Nine Inch Nails “The Way Out Is Through”

… and then there were none

No reasons left to come undone
No seasons left to pass
No steps to take, least not that translate heading nowhere fast
Glass half full and bottle empty
Dropped it to my feet
Dignified in victory
Same way inclined reclining in defeat

There was once a time when everything was dead to me
Once I awakened, made the observation
I am just where I am meant to be
The end?
Perhaps, but guess that would depend on whether I can figure out what’s real and what is just pretend
Life has tried me
Countersigned the mindless ties that bind me
Every now and then, I make escape to the one place where I can take a break and make amends for asking questions time and time again
When the answer has forever been inside me

The universe it guides
Confiding where the truth resides
God knows how much I’ve tried to heed the signs
It took some time to find my voice, make conscious choice to realign
See the future, live the present, weave the past behind me
Leave this in procession for those less impressed upon by blessing
For every time I come undone of curse, discern another dressing
Everything I do, do so with heart upon lapel
Bleeding prose so true that it could fill a thousand merchant wells
Every kiss I tell of can be thousand stories long
Take me to the one place I’m amazed to say with grace that I belong

Back here in this place
In the twilight, on this day
I watch the sun reclining
Though it does so not to chime of final time
The sky is filled with blinding light
It feels like friends are watching us
For while night descends, its black will turn to white
If we believe it just might
Ashes on horizon, they remind of dust to dust
And that longing that we feel
To know if anything is real
If we will ever feel again
If there is anyone to trust
To help us take away the doubt before such time as time runs out
Will pass, should our devout be everlasting

Can you see it?
The better place where dreams we chase never make their getaways
The world we set on fire
By dancing wild within its bed of flames
No need to wonder if it feels the same for all the others
We all are mothers, fathers, soulmates, all embrace as lovers
The soul confides that blood does not decide sisters and brothers
Neither do our former lives
For this one time it’s truly our design to find our own way through the river blind
Go deeper still
Wade uncharted waters, take our fill and make it infinite potentially
If I die before I wake, my soul is gift to all who shall remember me
Therefore, I am just where I am meant to be

In this twilight
On this day
Everything will be okay
No longer forsaken
Like the vacant rain of yesterday
With kind embrace of timeless grace
My true soul’s face be known
Here within this place
For I am

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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