A Wonderland To Plunder

A Wonderland To Plunder has previously been published in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Jason Duckmanton.

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Jason Tai and Marshall Crutcher “Madness Returns”

I believe I shall begin at the beginning and go on till I come to the end: then stop.

Once more down the rabbit hole
and this is fast becoming habit
Should I reach out above for the grassy knoll
Then I might just be able to grab it
Save myself from the great unknown
Tuck my tail between my legs as I race straight home
Relax in the reassuring glow of daytime soapbox static

Now, that is hardly the most emphatic behaviour from one whose dreams are cinematic and tailor-made for a galactic sailor such as yours ever so truly
I may be a tad unruly and you could go as far as to call me mad as a hatter
But in other news that matters, I hear the best people usually are

The sincerest form of flattery would be to flatter me not to deceive
Call me crazy if you wish but don’t go telling all you see
You see, this rabbit hole I so frequently visit
Well let’s just say the rules are somewhat implicit
Regarding the divulging of such fantastical indulgence

Not a bitter pill to swallow, nor sound cause to beg and borrow
Just one simple leap of faith, the likes of which will be long gone tomorrow
Should you have in your possession two left feet dressed down in sorrow
Well, then the very best of luck with your wallowing existence

However, should you choose to infuse just a dash of persistence with the adrenaline currently coursing your system
Then you may just tick off grievances before you can so much as list them

Curiouser and curiouser
Listen in intently and you’ll discern the faintest rhythm
Not your heartbeat, that one is a given
Nor the distant groans of the unforgiven
Something way more focus driven
Not to mention, most elusive
Conducive to a wonderland that exists on neither side of the schism

No more here than it is there
And with a ton of fun-themed games to declare
It is hardly fair to wear a frown
For it clashes awfully with one’s evening gown
Now that would be unacceptable
Then it is “off with their heads!” and deadly silence all around

Good times for fools and dreamers then
And I happen to fit the bill times two
Sometimes I’ve thought of six things new to do before even my morning muesli
Half a dozen of which are impossible
Now, it’s very much possible I’m quite mad
And improbable that the gods are glad to see my pretty little peepers roll back each time my thoughts go out-of-whack

Who in the world am I then? Ah, now that’s the greatest puzzle of all
I would say it’s your call if it were such
But there is much ado about nothing in particular when forever amounts to more than a second
Which was all it took for me to see down this otherworldly rabbit hole most clearly

Guess what?
We’re all mad here
Here we can run just as fast as we can, only not just to stay in place
And if we wish to go even farther then extra legs equates to twice the pace

The moon might shine on sulkily
But that’s no permission for skulking
For this wonderland keeps one dreaming as the days go by
Keeps one believing once the summer fades and dies
In this wonderland the answer it lies
To impossible posers for quite mad minds
Just like little old mine

If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there
I know precisely where I’m headed and this left-hand path just so happens to lead directly there
Which way I ought to go from here
I have to be brutally honest, as I don’t much care as to where

Having too much fun just leaping and just as much when sleeping
The cake it says “eat me” and refreshments cry out “drink me”
So, I remember something from a good book I once read
It said everything is fine in corrected moderation
Which I guess would make me both king and queen of my very own regal regulation

No longer do I think of six impossible things before breakfast
When I can round that up to the dozen
Host more thoughts than Puerto-Ricans have second cousins
Have solved the ancient riddle
Of the raven on the writing desk
And feel obliged to confess that it was yours ever so truly who placed it there
Just to mess with people’s heads

So what if I’m quite mad, I’d rather that than plain old sane
Any calendar day of the year except the one for April fools
As that falls upon my birthday
Wouldn’t have it any other way
For this rabbit hOle here lends me right of way
And does not ask for it back

Once more into the fray then?
A fresh adventure it awaits this day
What can I say?
Other than that I’m a creature of habit
And when I see a wonderland, stretching farther than the eye can see
Well, then I jolly well grab it

At any rate, I began at the beginning and have gone on till I arrived at the end: thus… stop.

Did I beat my best time mister rabbit?

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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