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I come to this place to remember
That one chilly night in November
This was the moment my life took a turn
Living confided fresh reason to learn
Distant lights guided me in her direction
No time for reflection or pontificating idly
Besides, a mirrored image was provided me
Albeit decked in ivy
Had never once seen one so kept by light that shined so brightly
Advancing shyly, smiled politely
Made my introduction
Even though I knew this soul, long since embraced its glow as though within another time and space entirely
No need for deconstruction, she was flawless as she stood
Scars were weeping openly, the poet in me understood that just one look could tell a hundred thousand hopeful Aesopian fables
The earth beneath appeared to be unstable as she raised the balls of both her dainty feet all set to breach the low mist, faith enabled
We kissed amidst the whispered leaves of bleeding crimson maple
In only arms of she did this cat wish upon this tree to cradle infinitesimally
Her eyes were honeyed hazel and each bat of her long lashes sang a song of ashen sorrow bled with open-hearted dignity
The ivy crept of every tear she wept for me affectingly
Had never felt the pride of such immensity
Had never dignified a bride the oath of lion king
Had never one time loved akin to Viking
Death seemed far more beautiful in negligee enticing
Upon my deepest heart I marked the signature of something


I come to this place to remember
That fairy tales truly exist
Each prairie trail leads where the maple leaves settle
Bespeckled with stardust, embossed with the gloss of cherry blossom and enshrouded in a gown of lily petals
Each unfurls revealing diamond, ivy climbing trestle of the deepest heart that trembled in recline of her horizon
My eyes discerned the timeless, spaceless prize for leaping blindly on that chilly yet divine November night
A faith dismembered back at childhood never ever failed to change my life one time for charmed good
Before me stood an angel
Unlike those of lowly heavens
Every time I close my eyes, she flies
She soars across sunrise adored
Shall bid incline forevermore
The hands of fate may shift at pace but every tick reminds of her magnificent face
I love you, sweet lady in grey
Because of thee, the magic tree need not be quite so faraway
I flourished in your light, redeemed my courage in your shade
Believe in you, will always do
And I shall keep my promise
To see the diamonds sparkle in your crown
To tell the greatest story never told
A timeless, spaceless tale with your unspoken name engraved upon it




© Copyright: greykeeper ™ Chapel Black ™





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    1. I wish her such peace, success and happiness, Koala. Only that. And for every dream to be realized.

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