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This is my nature
I am a magical lion
Need never be a stranger and indeed my only wish this day is to explain that I’m the kind of big cat you can massively rely on
My heart is wounded badly
Will heal over time
However, I only endeavour to stand proudly and adoringly of each and every single flaw I see
In the hope that those adored may do the very same for me
Pure love can be achieved
Without the need to be seedy
Misleading or thieving of oxygen needed to breathe
I lead from the soul every time that I write, very same every time that I speak
Crystalline clear are these blue eyes of mine and have no time for efforts oblique
Some tend to question my technique
And that’s fine as I scribe with high tide of mystique
But here’s the thing, you see
I’m not inclined to playing misty
Arms are open wide and will most benignly testify without request to know my mind or try to frisk me
I wish to be a constant source of light to all those kind enough to lift me up when times are tough and love me just enough to see me through the blackest nights in ancient history
Persistently I ply my trade
Implicitly decline charade
Shall do so to my dying day
There is no underlying clay
I mine so deep within that I’m without a mask to wear
Will point you to my deepest soul without you asking where
This is my nature
This is my will
Please take your fill from the quill that I spill
You will not see me move in for the kill
Though I may well lean in for the hug
And I will make it crystalline clear that you’re loved
Just enough to know I wish to see you all enraptured
Just enough to know this lion hasn’t eyes for capture
My heart is wounded badly
Will take great time to heal
But I will not deprive myself the simple right to feel
Heart not under lock and key
My faith remains unshaken
Not a single sentiment need ever be mistaken
Love is unconditional, the only way I know
The only way the garden grows
The only way we grab a clutch of dandelions and blow
Make a wish
Kindly are the only seeds I am equipped to sow
Not a single secret need-to-know
For each of you are keeper to my soul





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of the Crimson Quill






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