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Aphex Twin “Windowlicker”

Going ever so slightly off topic
Nothing’s what it seems in dreams that set the scene in theme kaleidoscopic
No need for narcotics
Steady stream of psychotropics
Seems obscene to lean to such extremes when these just leave me feeling peevish and neurotic
Misleading me with fiendish glee to seemingly serene lush greens while hustling repeatedly with bustle not exceedingly erotic
Gets a bit chaotic when the optics start to change
All this to obtain a mindset dressed to altered state
Best foot forward
So they say
But what becomes of fallen braves who stall each time their legs give way
Life may tend to put us through our paces
Teach us all manner of alternating lessons when suggesting where the best route of escape is
Dress us down with frowns and grounds to winding deeper down into a state of flounder, bordering on stasis
Neither airs nor graces as it chases us with clenched incisors
Reality won’t cease until it sees us on our knees and then proceeds to bare teeth rarely cleaned, lean in for kiss and bite us
Inviting our identities to hit fresh heights of crisis
All the while, our guts are twisting
Turning every gurn into gastritis
Yearning for a light to guide us through a night dismembered by remembrance there’s no slack on the tether
Severing with ever more severe lack of politeness
Throat besieged with dryness
Clammy hands on stand-by set to choke
Best laid plans now laid to rest
Ingesting poison oak with every non-consenting toke
Hopelessly devoted to an open-closed approach to minds encroached on by the roaches of despair
Trapped within a labyrinthine lair of their design
Walking to the target range while running out of space and same for time
Time must be nigh for living dangerously
Trending to best misbehaviour
No time for thinking unfavorably of rights I’m expected to waver
Besides, I already signed the disclaimer
Possession’s nine tenths of the law
Less than zero reasons not to underscore their treason and make clean break of the prisons they implore I be disowned in
Become my own damn guarantor and mark the score 1-0 to the home team
Danger zones are only shown on radars of the mindless
Broken bones are only broken so long when the heal resides inside us
No need for narcotics to guide us within
Simply a dash of  wide imagination and perhaps the faintest seasoning of evilspeak and reasoning for sin
Whatever floats your boat is less provoked to sink than swim
Find the second brain, retrain it
Bare your soul and wear the robes of emperor when naked
Learn to love your imperfections
Never once subscribe to self-consensus that you barely warrant mention
Love is the drug for me
Every day I jack up, options stack up since I tracked the deepest heart of me that gently weeps to keep misery company
Found it in my deepest soul, enrolled it for duration
Best foot forward
So they say
It helps possessing vaguest clue as to the crack that chats of which direction we are actually facing
Gets a bit chaotic when I’m out here on the range
Guess that means I shouldn’t be a stranger to yours truly
Life has done its level best to fool me into quitting
Scorning me with cruelty most incautiously permitted
Never thought I fitted
Never felt that I belonged
Never once expected to be proving myself wrong
Never thought that shortfall would abort its mission everlong
Never saying never to a line declared in song
Going ever so slightly off topic
Who would have known
It was always within
All along
So, anyone for breaking out in throng?

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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