The End and I




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Leonard Cohen “A Thousand Kisses Deep”




Here today
And gone tomorrow
Begged to stay yet time was borrowed
Sorrow came
Death’s name engraved
In every pain that gravely followed


Shakespeare once wrote
“Whilst that this shadow doth such substance give”
It did
Indeed the closer we became
The end and I
The more intense and unashamed the way I aimed to live out the remainder of my life
And I remember thinking
If only we could realize
That the moment we are born we are already dying
Just imagine how incredible our lives would be lived


All adrift and yet I am at peace
In boundless sea a thousand kisses deep
While death requests prodigious leap
Have never slept more blissful sleep
Than that in faith of timeless grace
One never-ending dream to chase
One soul to give
One breath to take
One lifetime to exhale
One course left to take
A thousand ways of setting sail


Here today
Shall always be
Love’s not something only fools believe
It’s pure
It’s true
It’s all of me
It’s all of all of you
It’s every tear we weep
It’s every dimpled smile that warms our cheeks
It’s every butterfly inside our tummies
It’s every need to pee each time we perceive something funny
Even when death’s most becoming
Crimson tears will keep the river running


Gone tomorrow…

Time was only borrowed
After all
Every rising tide resigns eventually to falling
Regardless whether we can ever find our truest calling
Remember there are always lights to guide us through remorseless nights
And live today as though there are no more tomorrows left to know


Death is but a stepping stone
From Home
One last rite of passage left before we can commence as souls alone
Step out of our evening gowns
And glow
For we will never be alone again
We will never know of lonely pains


The closer we became
The end and I
The more a fresh beginning
Became nigh
Thus, every time you gaze into the diamonds of the skies
Count each lucky star as one of them just may be shining extra bright
Wishing very sweetest of goodnights




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill





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    1. Okay, so I don’t even know how to respond to that. Other than to wash thine feet. Utterly humbled. And I adore when the gentle nudges are observed.

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