The Fanatic

The Fanatic was written in April 2018, from a female perspective, to challenge the perception of gender role. Featured art by LH Grey.

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They call me Elusive White Rabbit
Adjusting the frequency, breaking the static
Live for the snuff, you could say I’m emphatic
Toe-tagging stiffs, sure beats kicking the habit

Step in a room, you’ll know well I’ve arrived
Better hang onto your husbands and wives
Disrespect me and you’re playing with knives
Bleeding you dry ’til you’re barely alive
No release yet, far too much to be done
Scant consolation, your race has been run
Deep concentration, unruly persuasion
Sizing you up with the eye of a raven

Breaking you down to your feeble foundations
Filling you out like a job application
Placing you under grave administration
Tearing asunder to make you my plaything
No obligation to see you advance
By my calculations, there’s slim to no chance
I’m the square root of the sum of your parts
Take this waltz home as you’ve danced your last dance

They call me Elusive White Rabbit
Beast in the cellar, the bats in your attic
Snuffing you out will not prove problematic
Guess you could call me fanatic

Former child prodigy, slipped through the cracks
System refusing to cover my tracks
Holding me back at the brink of collapse
Formal apology pinned to their backs
Turned to the streets to assume some new colors
Twisted some sisters and groomed me some brothers
Had little time for significant others
Organized crime my time-sensitive lover

Up to my eyeballs in skirmish
Me against me, blazing up like a furnace
Last nerve unfurnished and whirling like dervish
Learned the importance affirming the earnest
Two paths before me, one left in the chamber
Stepped to the left, the deliberate stranger
Deep was my sleep amid peril and danger
Stared at this demon, declared I would face her

They call me Elusive White Rabbit
Threw me a lifeline, I seized them and grabbed it
Still live for snuff, every bit as emphatic
Guess you could call me a functioning addict

Scored me a twinbear of Nordic persuasion
Sometimes we do love to sin and be brazen
All sorts of things pop up in conversation
Swear down our link goes way back to gestation
Strange fucking shit and it only gets stranger
Who’d know this alpha would find her omega
Locked in coordinates, doubled the load
Joined in transfusion, rewiring the nodes

Even this flow as we share us a vision
Besides, I just happen to know a mortician
Met her halfway down the road to perdition
Shooting dead straight with a sniper’s precision
There are a handful who see what I see
There are no words for they mean to me
Open me up, I’m a goddamn museum
Some might say great exhibition

They call me Elusive White Rabbit
Adjusting the frequency, breaking the static
Cuffing and clouting the beaten, the tragic
Waking them up as I’m starting the panic
Never was one made to fit demographic
Beast in the cellar, the freak in the attic
Don’t need a piece to start spraying erratic
Emptying clips to me comes automatic
Zipping up stiffs if they don’t kick the habit
Living for snuff, holy fuck I’m emphatic
Don’t need a dick to unzip it and grab it
Guess you could call me fanatic

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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