River of Relative Ease




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Beneath alluring skies azure
Verdant jade greens paint a fanciful scene
Romanced by the delicate breeze as the leaves weave elegantly through the reticent trees
Teasing out smiles from each tear that they weep
Some way exceeding of relative ease
Instrumentalities of seasoned vitality
Rhyming beyond any reasonable doubt
Reality used to be a friend of theirs, you see
Whereas now it is merely acquaintance
Painted on the landscape are the brushstrokes of cadence
Accentuations of frameless devout
Few could conceive how they first came about
Fewer still would dare hazard a guess
Real life can be a haphazard affair at absolute best
Howbeit, so seldom explicit on lingering hazards ahead
Diamonds deprived of their twinkling suggestion
Undressed of answers to infinite questions
Disbelief solicitously relieved of suspension
Vigilantly guarded by suspicion


Beneath alluring skies azure
Elysian fields are envisioned
Enterprising expeditions lent reprised commission
Emphasizing timeliest rendition
Inner child arisen from the embers of remembered pains
Weathered planes of tethered veins endeavouring to sever chains and celebrate unending elevation
Sourcing reinforcement of purported inspiration
Accentuations of frameless devout
Rhyming beyond any reasonable doubt
In with a shout of declaring its whereabouts
Chiming of one thing compelling to care about
Love within a myriad of forms
That which a horde of false theory informs
Is seldom sincere and a fear to be warned
Scorned, spurned, deferred or else mourned


Beneath alluring skies azure
Verdant jade greens paint a masterful scene
Honey bees flit with remarkable keen
As they submit their findings
Entranced by their queen
This midsummer night’s dream
Some might deem as obscene
Largely misleading and some way exceeding of relative ease
Accentuations of aimless devout
Rhyming inspiring of reasonable doubt
Few could conceive of how love comes about
Fewer still would dare hazard a guess
Seen and believed to be chiefly impairing should we see such feelings confessed
Entered obliquely and bleakly remembered from embers of pain that we seldom forget
Memories fading of faith in remains of the very first day that we leapt
Inner child imprisoned by permission of the schism
Its division splitting vision as the eyes of unwise pride undress the rendered skies of nightly intermission


Beneath alluring skies azure
The answers to infinite questions recline
Pardoned of ruin and self-doing crime
That which is brimmed from the manger of time
Deliberate strangers placed in our paths
Endangered hearts in the face of their palms
Curators of love in the name of our art
Together we make a world shorn of chance better
Each verse a letter composed from our souls
Every vessel exposed
Daring the trestle to wrestle a rose from the droves of red clover opposed
Openly prone to chronic affliction and mental disease
Yet, known to skim stones when condoned chaperone to the river of relative ease





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill





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  1. Openly prone to chronic affliction and mental disease
    Yet, known to skim stones when condoned

    Love this line. Incredibly emotional piece and Enya is the perfect soundtrack.

    1. Suspected this line may resonate with you as you know so well the struggle we face. And together, overcome.

      Thank you Mouse, for always stopping by. I’m so proud that you have your own key now and can share your unique and masterful prose with the world.

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