Ballad of The Black Eagle

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behold the black eagle
in jubilant flight
as she soars to applause of cerulean skies
flying higher than inclined
with an almighty swell of pride
a more dignified climber you will never likely find
’tis with grace and with poise that she glides
indeed i watch her incognito from my bedroom window
every single night
and often find i linger in the very same position come first light

a brace of words spring straight to mind when versing on her majesty
one of these is insight and the other perspicacity
seeing that which others don’t
keen of vision is this bird of prey
it may appear absurd to say
but her line of sight cuts through affray
should the storm clouds congregate
and compromise her shelter
then she will fly a little higher
achieve wingspan
go one better

i shall never forget the very moment i met her
the split of a second
was all that it took to know well i would never forget her
i could render every detail
what’s more
do so to the letter
she could have seen fit to attack me on site
and the truth is
that i would have let her
yet for all of her predatory skills
she never once opted to swoop
no talons poised or beady stare
her descent was silky smooth
as she hovered overhead with no intent to maim or kill
i played the part of handler
did so of my own free will

as i raised my left hand
this eagle she dared
to endorse this kindly token
in a manner most unspoken
once the black eagle landed
my grief then disbanded
and for the first time in some time my tired eyes reopened
you wish to know devotion
not a syllable was motioned
as we swam the gladsome ocean of one another’s souls
with the sweetest of gazes unbroken
my eyes glazed duly over while my every breath was stolen
my whole life changed entirely in that moment
as she saw me
and i her
she adored me
i concurred

we conferred of course
but once again bereft of spoken word
as this seemed almost superfluous
love need not be declared
to be felt
to be halfway spelled out
deemed keen of devout
to cast away unreasonable doubt
i watched her wings unfurl and spread
her plumage flecked with deepest red
and there was truth to what they bled
i was moved by what they bled
most soundly
as these tears our bodies shed together
volunteered most proudly
make no error whatsoever
life precisely knew how to dumbfound me
with so much disenchantment all about me
had begun to grow cynical
would take a minor miracle
astounding me
but she did so comprehensively
and this led to the better me

no boundaries enforced
or regimented course of action
just bastion of blindest faith
presented in the kindest way
through eyes which knew just what to say
to see
to hear
to touch
to taste
nothing less this day would do
garden in full bloom and very cleanest line of sight renewed
as viewed through eagle eye
i then began to see myself
as someone who can one day make a difference in this world

my tattered wings began to unfurl
my soul shone its call like the mother of all pearls
hers did just the same
two became a single frame
and we shot to the sun in a ball of dense flame
will do so til our dying day
weather any storm that glides our way
as this bird of prey will not be caged
shall waltz through every hall of fame
achieving span
a spray of vivid color through the sky
no longer grounded
we have found
the means to sempiternal flight
two became one
only thing left to implore
that you watch the black eagle as we soar
for we shall keep the same position come first light

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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