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 Rupert Hine “With One Look (The Wildest Dream)”






I knew it
Don’t ask me how
I just did
My heart enlarged, yet still it grew
No longer starved
No longer barbed
No longer stop start on what to do
Don’t ask me how
I just knew


Don’t ask me how I persevered
Through years and years of verse unclear
Don’t ask me why I tried to cry
Could not release a single tear


Don’t ask me when the well dried up
I fear I never wept enough
Don’t ask me what the future holds
It’s clear that fate’s directing us


Don’t ask me who I loved before
They’re in my heart forevermore
Don’t ask me if this makes me blue
See that all changed when I met you


I knew it
Don’t ask me how
I just did
My pain still pronounced, yet now I punched through
No longer so beaten
No longer retreating
No longer so trampled, trounced and blue
Don’t ask me how
I just knew


Don’t ask me to try to explain this thing
Tell what it appertains to
Don’t blame me if I choose to sing
It’s my wish to entertain you


Don’t ask my heart to beat no more
Don’t know how to retreat no more
Don’t mean I don’t lay down when sore
Don’t mean I don’t break down and sob


Don’t ask me where the tears have gone
I used each drop to paint this song
Don’t ask me to reassure through smile
I’ve been wearing this rainbow all the while


I knew it
Don’t ask me how
I just did
My heart a tree of mid-Autumn glaze
No longer downplayed
No longer afraid
No longer surrendered to die in the shade
Don’t ask me how
I just knew


One knowing glance to mend my heart
Heroic stance to build rampart
I’m so entranced I barely breathe
I’m free at last
Can finally see


Remind me again what it is that you see
For you see the most secret part of me
Release the deepest art from me
Don’t ask me how
You just do


I know it
Don’t ask me how
I just do
For yours is the crown on my very existence
So handsome
So brave
So fantastically fetching
No more is it called into question
As we shall keep on growing
We shall go the distance
Don’t ask me how I know it
I just do





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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