A Father’s Pride




For Jacob Nathaniel



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I miss you son of mine
More than words could aspire to express
Perhaps that is why I waited such a long time
Prior to supplying this address
May be out of sight
Yet, you are never once same way resigned to mind
Every day you’re in my thoughts
And every recollection
Dresses smile a country mile beyond my widest


Never in my wildest dreams
Have I seen more divine a light
Than high tide in the ocean of your oceanic eyes
Indeed, I can discern entire universe inside them
Purity is all that underlines them
Obscure to cruel endeavour
This has never been your way
Ever since the one fine day they opened wide with hope and brimming faith


As I held you in my arms
Both space and time then fell away
To say that I was charmed
Would be a crime of understatement
Never before had my life known such purpose
Forevermore I’ll watch you grow
Regardless of the vantage I observe from


Our unique bond has always been unspoken
And even when I’m gone
Could not be broken
Never one time have I ever been required to raise my voice
My wish that you be favored with the freedom of each choice
Besides, eyes like ours need swell not with lies
When confiding entire universe inside them


This is why I traced the neural pathways so precisely
This is why I rightly placed each wire in pride of place
This is why your mother did entirely the same
For we will never ever see the light in your eyes fade
Not when they have everything and more besides to say
Not when they are infinitely spacious
Not when you are destined for such greatness


I miss you son of mine
Yet, I am never less than ever by your side
Indeed, for every piece of art departing of my arteries
My undisputed masterpiece is you
My seed
My pride
I love you like the northern shores adore the starry skies
Will evermore be wind chime to your enterprising flight
Each horizon shall ignite just to remind you son of mine
Of the entire universe within your eyes





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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