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Rhythim is Rhythim “Strings of Life”





Come and find me
Make the trip to maple ridge and come and sit beside me
Seek and you will find that I reside beneath the pine tree
Take a leap, it couldn’t be more timely


Have been inside your boudoir
And while some may find that creepy
Simply like to marvel at a masterpiece at tireless peace while sleeping
Every time I ride the theta waves they play the notes of timeless symphony
Lead to higher state of consciousness far greater than neural activity
Once we learn the art of transmissivity
Then we can send a message with the height of creativity
The secret is astral projection works best in our own proximity
No need to traipse the astral plains when we can skip rope with our veins
Entire universe in range
No need to catch the midnight train
When fresh terrain detectors gain coordinates within us
In a way, we’re absolute beginners
More to us than flesh and bone, some chromosomes and innards
There are worlds to be explored
Every vessel trestle to ethereal emitters
Come and take a flutter on a butterfly in shutter
You will find me down here by the rivers


Come and find me
Air miles non-compulsory
No need for travel luggage
Movements non-perfunctory
Full country mile from sluggish
Make round trip, it couldn’t be more timely
Take a leap and come and sit beside me


Have seen you here
Have seen you there
Yet, everywhere I do
Something most unkindly blocks my view
Sat upon the precipice, no need to be incredulous
For evidently you have seen me too
Nebulous the form adored
Tenuous the ties that bind
Of the widest eyes inclined
To blessedness when sighted blind
No question of enlightened mind
Suggestion bytes are misaligned
One fine day you might oblige the leap of faith to come and find me
Make the trip to maple ridge and come and sit beside me
Meet me in the moment
You’ll see where I am precisely
Through the broken reeds my sweet
Perched beneath our pine tree
Paint the wildest dream
Do come and find me




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. that trip you find as you close your eyes, you need not a map nor latest trendy technology, only simply a heart that adores the one once eyes are closed becomes vividly the path that soars. Beyond treetops where rivers flow below, that place where a heart simply knows it’s glow. Waiting with chocolate kisses and cordial wishes.

    1. Beautifully said. Vivid is the path that soars. To the booth of serenity divine. No boundaries exist there. Just chocolate kisses and cordial wishes…

      So thrilled you placed your sweet words here in the sanctuary of my deepest artistic soul. Thank you Jenny, for seeing me through fair weather or foul. Blessed. Truly.

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