Angel Eyes




In ever loving memoriam of Brittany Anne Murphy-Monjack.


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Brittany Murphy “Somebody To Love”





You were an angel
In my eyes
A fresh sunrise behind each transcendental smile you dressed
Please let this be my testament
To breath of fresh air heaven sent
Alas, caress in retrospect
For you were gone too soon


A decade now has passed
Since you bid mortal plains adieu
Yet, not a single day makes way
When I don’t spare a thought for you
Indeed, your legacy goes on
The life of one so kind prolonged
By every piece of art that bears the mark of single piece of you
Through widest eyes
The sweetest view
To flower gardens blossoming anew


Your mortal coil may long be spoiled
But I still feel you close
In rose red river
Wildest waves repose
Serenely interpose the light and shade paraded in a knowing gaze no end dissuades
Your final breath, it still remains
Within the early morning haze
I feel its warmth
Delight its taste
And death aside, know well its place
Through widest eyes
It glides in grace
Therefore, I bless this kind embrace
To you


You were an angel
In my eyes
Brittany Anne Murphy-Monjack
A native of whole cosmos more than Atlanta
Shining akin to a crystal decanter
With skin many diamonds adorned
Please let this be my testament
That you’re adored forevermore
And, in that sole respect
You’re never really gone at all


Every time I see fresh springs
I know they have been blessed by wings
Which may have never reached full flight
Yet breached their span
A thousand oceans wide
I feel your warmth
Delight the taste of teardrops wept of treasured face


Therefore, I bless this kind embrace
To undying remembrance
A life in evanescence
Yet, the morning mists concur
Of angel eyes no passing years can blur


Shall carry you within my heart
As will indeed all those who knew
A special girl who may be gone too soon
A life prolonged for everlong by every morning view






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. The perfect tribute to my favourite actress, oh Lion this is beautiful and I could hardly focus from crying. I love you used that song too, and sweet photos to do her tender justice. RIP Angel.

    1. I’m so glad I could do our angel justice, Mouse. Ten years may have passed since she left us, but then, she never really went away. We keep her spirit close by celebrating her daily, as we do. And it seemed fitting to create a piece of art dedicated to such a magnificent shining soul.

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