Salút—gaze of the corvid




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to all those within my view, may the year 2020 be blessed of ovation aplenty



love to all—to all, do love


Richard Charles Stevens



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i wish to raise a toast this day
be host with the most to devotedly say
that i may have been a ghost
as the remainder of the decade ebbed away
but i don’t intend an ending to dictate the fresh commencement
of a sentence i have served
since my repentence came to play


i wish to raise a toast this day
and celebrate the death of discontentment
i wish to take this moment to state my intention to favour the grace of unwavered inception
i wish to make plain i will tend to great pains
take an oath to betroth a more hopeful refrain
open wide to confide swollen pride reinstated
and point to where the faith resides
aside from turning tide of misdirection


i wish to raise a toast this day
to those who see me through
i wish to say i love you
know that this applies to every flower bloomed
for i may have been a ghost
but i have seldom felt less haunted
found myself a happy face and reason sound to flaunt it
not to say the game has changed
simply don’t play in the same vein—estranged
from the one place i’m safe from discourse of the morbid
where i marvel the gaze of the corvid


i wish to raise a toast this day
in elevated state—my frame supported
by endorsement that i spare no thought for pulled taut spray of caution
not a sordid pause as i applaud each flaw reported
not a single breath of me contorted
as plain as the nose on my face
as composed as the gaze of the corvid
vaulted no more in my own mausoleum
for rome was not built in a day
yet resulting array
famed a great coliseum


i wish to raise a toast this day
please lift your own goblets
and do just the same
celebrate with me
for i would be simply delighted and honoured to see them
i would be the first in line
to flash immersive smile
and plainly be awhile
the wide eyed child
it seemed obscene to leave behind
i wish to breathe
sweet allegiance, in kind
see the trees through the woods
and retrieve the deepest secrets reached inside
i do not feel the need to cry
yet may at any given time
for i may well have been a ghost
but the host with the most weeps the tears of the blind
if only to see bleeding hearts redefined
plant the seeds of hope and feed the roots
enrichen the harvest
give nature its dues
and empower the shower of bloom
under the unchanging gaze of the corvid divine
thus of widest eyes inclined
i raise this crystal goblet of the reddest grape wine
and kindly bid
one absolute






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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    1. Oh, My Darling Mouse. You. You are a creature of such beauty. You have seen me through the deepest storms. You have held my paw when I have been bleeding out. You have held my head up, when it has been drooping. I love you. My darling Mouse. Sister from another blister. Thank you for never any less than seeing me. Such is noted and cherished.

      1. Lion you are my best friend and mentor. My inspiration and guide. You’ve given me advice and encouragement and got me through Hell. TYSM for your cherished words, my twin from the same test tube.

  1. for i may have been a ghost
    but i have seldom felt less haunted
    found myself a happy face and reason sound to flaunt it

    May you always feel this happy face and have reason sound to flaunt it. Wishing you an amazing 2020. Thank you for sharing your words with our world, My Brave. They’re beautiful.

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