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Elvis Costello “She”







You move me
In ways that communicate beauty
The likes of which I’ve never seen
At least, prior to She
At the height of my dreams
This title entitles my tired eyes to widen each nightfall to prize the one sight archetypal
Most timely recital
Of songbird’s arrival
To perch atop spiralling trees
You move me
With frightening ease
Yet, I scare not
To die willingly
To see you reach the height of your dreams




Unto self introduce me
Dispel sense of duty
In ways that communicate effortless beauty
Of measureless scope
At the height of the trees
Where the songbird’s arrival precedes
The most darling recital
Inviting the leaves
To be prideful
While riding the breeze
Reconciled with belief
That a dreamer dreams every last nightfall
When seen through true eyes of reprise
Unconfined to one cycle
The one certifiable She
The one of all time to move me




Make worthwhile the smile denied me
By the woe known to betide me
Wear your own sun beam to guide me
While the flowers in my keep bloom reap inside me
The most timely recital
Of songbird’s arrival
My tired eyes
Delight in each nightfall
Safeguarded from skyfall
Flame dart to claim rightful
The one dream delightable seen
Of measureless scope
At the height of the trees
Where He and She
As we reach for the height of our dreams






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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