Pink Lemonade




Pink Lemonade is not a verse discouraging keeping up with global events, rather encouraging the safekeeping of mental health in trying times.



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Every morning when I wake up
I turn on the news
Just so I can choose to turn it off again
Just to have the power at my fingertips
Just to disavow the disillusion we are sinking ships
Seems out of place and bitter that they whip us into shape
And state a non-permissive case for playing victims
Predictably to dominate
The easily submissive
And make us feel we’re every one afflicted
Quick to point the finger
From their peachy little perches
Preaching to the choir
Through the most odious of verses
Goading us to blame someone
To feed their woeful need to name and shame someone
Hard to believe they are deemed the fourth power
The voice of the people
A tool to empower
Bleeding us dry every hour on the hour
Misleading us to concede that our race is run


Every morning when I wake up
I see no red mist to shake up
Send the news back to its maker
Take the power back to nature
Introduce my conscious mind
To something way less asinine
See the world more favorably inclined
Of way less changeable design
And leave the breakables for brazen fools to prize
The one thing unmistakable
Is nature at its height
As it confides no unjust cause to lay wake at night
Once night falls
Take kind pause
Reflect on the light source
That led you through a wealth of staring eyeballs
Return then to nature
And wake the same way
Only then can we intend to make pink lemonade






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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1 Comment

  1. This piece is perfection for these trying times that drain our minds and fill our heads with one sided viewpoints. Urgh.

    Love this:
    “Once night falls
    Take kind pause
    Reflect on the light source
    That led you through a wealth of staring eyeballs”

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