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The Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition”





marshmallow clouds
in a chocolate sky
hundreds and thousands
of star lights on high
caramel tears
make ornate souvenirs
as their taste is sincere
and their grace faith obliged


naked flame sears
through persuasion of night
toasting its peers
as it glows to entice
wind chimes to duet with cicadas
in the thicket
to delight tree crickets bargaining for snippets of this ditty to sit pretty in the giddiest of highs


candy canes
make handy reins
to ride atop the sandy plains
on bandy cranes
while bandicoots parade their truth in youthful stride
licorice veins know no bitter restraint
as they claim vanilla hearts debarked and tickle them to life again


all i see
are diamonds
and truly
i would brave flash fires
to raise their beauty to the spire
stay and play
through day break
to inspire


lollipops and sours
empower the hollyhock to flower
whereby peach blossoms top to bottom
often soften neath the bower
mighty vines climb trees with ease
while pine cones sweeten the sweep of the breeze
ever appeased these confectioneries
both affectionately drawn and traced beneath
to grace the roots
replace their nevermore sworn blues with evergreens
then bake a cake
to feed the seedlings grace and faith to breathe






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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