Time flies

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Shaun Gibson “Time Flies (Instrumental)”

once again it’s on the move
off the chain with point to prove
funny how time flies

gets away as seasons pass
so rarely ever deemed to last
funny how time flies

slows right down when times are tough
then when they’re easy speeds right up
funny how time flies

comes round fast and same way goes
where it gets to no one knows
funny how time flies

we roll the dice and play its game
for no two rounds are quite the same
funny how time flies

here today and gone tomorrow
two parts joy and one part sorrow
funny how time flies

when time arrives to kiss and tell
would like to think i used mine well
funny how time flies

deep within these mournful eyes
bids sweet reprise to former lives
funny how time flies

there was once a child inside them
searched both far and wide to find him
funny how time flies

each echo of eternity
is let go to return to me
funny how time flies

live forever
far, far longer
through the never
ever stronger
free your mind
and let it wander
love is like time

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