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Mr. Fingers “What About This Love (Dub Version)”

Friends mean everything to me
And not a one thing less
Know precisely what to say
When best foot forward, I digress
Say not one thing and mean another
Nothing quite that undercover
Kipling said
“By ills foredone, by peace her toils discover”
True friends favour one above the other

Gentle love is true, in kind
Eagle eyes in ventures blind
Disinclined to ill-timed blitz
Undermining hissy fits
Undefined by ignorance and frivolous for bliss
Kissed of sunlight
Even when the skies appear to crack
Some might say forever friends
And I commend such tender knack
For any less paints black a snow white skyline
And suddenly, we’re on our knees in high tide of despair

Frienship’s here
‘Tis also there
And, not to mention
Everywhere between
Only truth to be declared
Betwixt both land and sea
Coasting on the shoreline of reenergizing theme
By true friends, we’re never less than seen
Matters not, how oft we speak
Only that each silence steeps in that eternal watch shall keep
Midst winds that breeze through shadows creeping
Ever sweeping
Ne’er defeated
Never once, in any doubt receding
Patching up each fractured heart string bleeding
Not a one thing less
Than every treasured thing to me
For, through kind eyes
I’m never less than seen
And comprehensively

Feel blessed to know how much I mean
To those who mean so much to me
Those reposed amidst verbose that misery loves company
Be my friend, to no real end
For I will spare no great expense to loving thee
To all those loved by thee, I shall extend the same enamored reach
To teach the world that friendship should mean everything, no less
To all the friends of fair my heart impressed
In kind, declared
Be radiant
Be blessed

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. I’m crying again, because this is extremely precious and the fun fairground image at the end… the 4D Zombie Attack!!!! What a great day 🤩
    “Feel blessed to know how much I mean
    To those who mean so much to me”

    1. The 4D Zombie Attack was awesome!!! As was the entire day in question. Indeed, every time we have met up has been epic. I knew this piece would resonate with you as you are precisely the same way. 💖

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