I’m a Lion, Hear me ROAR!

I’m a Lion, Hear me ROAR! was written in January 2019 and has remained unpublished until now.

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Emancipator “Lionheart”

Make the eyes first prize and take a look at me
Please do tell me what it is you see

Do you see the kind of big cat who would fiercely shield its pride
Do you see the kind of prowling beast with purpose in its stride
Do you see a timid kitty, one to curl around your ankles as you sleep
Do you even see a soul worth keeping

Whether deep in contemplation or in state of great elation
I’m a stationary object, train that ain’t vacating station
Far more than aware which way I’m facing
So sue me, tails are devils for the chasing

Wasted years aplenty and this sent me to the brink
Couldn’t swim for sinking, then I got around to thinking
Quicksand tends to force the issue
Death’s not one for blinking
Had second thoughts run course, I would’ve ordered a stiff drink in
With faith awaiting
Commentating not the faintest inkling
How to frisk the brink for knives
Before they try and sink in

Do or die? Am I doomed if I try?
Coulda, woulda, shoulda seemed no longer to apply
Someone wise once told me
This will either make or break you
Granted, unoriginal but then I guess what is these days
Besides, the fact remains I knew as much was true

After what I had been through, felt tasked of damage limitation
Bent out of shape after wasting my days on the art of unmarked imitation
Having broken ties to life once led
Would do or die ’til stone cold dead
This would be the time when I would learn my true identity
Not live out a life which evidently wasn’t meant for me
Had to be a reason I had pressed on so relentlessly
To point of no return as this is where I go to learn

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got a lot in turn to offer
If lady luck would show her face, you’d never get me off her
Under no illusion that we humans make our own
Sometimes it’s required to dim the lights to set the tone
Defeat was not an option, neither something she condoned
Besides, I couldn’t be more in the zone or rigged to blow

The beauty in the breakdown lies in shakedown after takedown
Checking self for injury, infringing on awake now
Healing wounds ain’t easy, heavy bleeds misled to queasy
Chest was wheezing, breath depleted, still I stood there undefeated

Had spotted other creatures in the wood along the way
Had to be a reason why our trails had blazed the same
Looked in naked flame and then discerned my own reflection
Learned a homely truth that no one prudent cared to mention
I’m a motherfucking lion and shit
The one thing I could bank on at the nearby ATM was that lions they don’t motherfucking quit

First things first, had to reclaim my roar
Pick up the reins from the cutting room floor
Get a manicure or is it pedicure with paws
Find my bass and treble like a rebel with a Red Bull and a horse
Without a pause or hesitation
Roared in endorsed trepidation
Fear may be the mindkiller
But always did enjoy a good crime thriller

Could have tucked my tail between my legs and fled the scene
Instead I growled, stood firm my ground, both proudly and relentlessly
This allowed me air to breathe, to bob and weave, dodge every bullet
Grabbed myself a whistle, promptly blew it
Actually, I roared like fuck
And lady luck did also
Gentle buzz mid torso, in the one place all good thoughts go
Divorced myself from force-fed doubt
Hocked it up and roared it out
In with shout, I knew the score, had more than worn it out

Wish to know what this is all about
Then look into these eyes with kindness, find the true devout
Blindness comes and goes, but then this heightens other senses
Never forgetting the beckoning second a lifetime of reckoning ended

I am indeed the kind inclined to fiercely shield its pride
As you can see, a prowling beast with purpose in each stride
Travelling at speed of thought, not fraught but all-embracing
So sue me, tails are devils for the chasing
This is indeed the mighty beat of lion heart from deep within my chest
Ride the tidal wave and I shall meet you at the crest
Pet this timid kitty, I shall curl around your ankles as you sleep
Love me unconditionally
This soul is yours to keep

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “Had spotted other creatures in the wood along the way
    Had to be a reason why our trails had blazed the same”
    Connected by our tragedies and flourishing in mutual guidance. Excellent piece Lion, swashbuckling your journey with precision ⚘

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