The world is starting to wake up. There is nothing quite like a global pandemic to act as smelling salts and shift the topsy-turvy world we lease into stark perspective. The entire human race have been placed beneath the spotlight since March and this would include celebrities, the mainstream media, big tech giants, and all those in positions of power. Suddenly, the vast gulf between social classes has been both illustrated and considerably shortened. We’re talking an even(ish) playing field as, while certain news networks may claim the virus discriminates, it doesn’t. At least, not in the manner falsely reported. Fake news? Don’t even get me started.

Naturally, we haven’t made it easy for ourselves. For as much as mankind like to think we run the show, nature has humbled us pretty soundly on that front. What we have witnessed over the past few months is the best and worst of humanity in guillotine sharp focus. Some of us have rekindled love affairs with the great outdoors and the natural beauty all about us, others taken lockdown to the extreme where we feel cut off from the “real world” and increasingly frustrated with the situation we find ourselves in. Mental health has been an issue of great urgency for a great many, while social platforms have provided the ominous melting pot for one huge amalgamation of every emotion bleeding into plain view.

One particular debate which anyone with a voice box and a gripe has an opinion on, is the Donald Trump saga. Angel or Demon? Tune into the likes of CNN and you’ll most likely be veering toward the latter. And that is fair enough as we live in a free world, right? After all, subjective viewpoints are part of what makes for healthy debate. Alas, this artform hasn’t always been demonstrated so willingly, resulting in monumental divides, whereby we are either perched on one side of the fence, or the other. And never the twain shall meet, should opinions alter. Less that be for skirmish.

The whole left and right deal exhausts me, if I’m honest. I get why it’s in place, just don’t buy into being defined by anything other than the heart within the skin I’m in. Red blood? Blue blood? True blood. The middle ground suits me fine as it affords me exclusive vantage to both meadows. That being said, with regards to the ever-intensifying presidential argument, I know which side of the fence offers up a more appealing proposition right now. Having educated myself on precisely what is transpiring currently, there could only ever be one conclusion to draw.

I’ll be the very first to admit, when Donald Trump was elected for his first term in 2016, I had my doubts and reasonably grave they were too. However, I still remained hopeful that he would come good and see us through the next four years without global catastrophe ensuing. I knew precious little about his character and integrity, having been presented only snippets of the man by way of the British media. As for my interest in politics, well a lifetime of utter indifference seemed too instinctive a habit to change. Those in office were transparent to me, although not quite in the manner they swore blind to be.

I could see right through them. Their words ultimately failed to correlate with any discernible action, and a distinct lack of sincerity was all I could detect. Which is why, when a forward thinking business magnate entered the fray, I sat up and began to take notice. We as a worldwide collective needed change. Things had been too stale, for too long a period. Indeed, the last American president I looked back on with any real affection was Ronald Reagan, another candidate who took the side door into politics from another industry entirely. I was just a child when he was elected to office and could tell you nothing of his policies. He was simply Reagan. And besides, it rhymed with raygun.

Fast forward thirty plus years and finally I see clear light at the end of a very long but not so winding tunnel. Since the ballots were counted in 2016, something entirely unprecedented has occurred. One man has led the charge and done so with such tireless dedication, passion and, above all else, honesty, that a second term really is the only way to celebrate. Being a businessman first, he has set an infrastructure in place whereby his reach can be extended greatly, enabling him to literally be in any place and time. If he sleeps, then I certainly haven’t seen any evidence of it. And one thing impossible to refute is that Donald Trump loves his country.

So about the whole ego debacle. Personally, this word irks me to no end. Social conditioning generally marries it to negative connotation, thus it is frowned upon to possess any great level of self-belief. They say a little power goes to one’s head and, chemically speaking, there’s a fair wedge of truth to that claim. However, should we remain anchored in some way, to those who endorse our free flight ironically, then suddenly the ego is as vital as the air we breathe. In Donald Trump’s case, it’s his ego that drives him to succeed at every goal he sets himself. And it is genuine affection for his homeland which counter balances this exquisitely.

He genuinely wants a better world for all of us. A nomination for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize alone is testament to that, regardless of outcome. Treaties have been signed the entire world over, deeply fractured relationships healed, dictators reminded they do have allies, provided they take a leap of faith empowered by a man without a teleprompter. People may bemoan a lack of grace, whereas I suggest stepping away from the media circus momentarily and perhaps forgetting every last thing incessantly drummed into us by the likes of CNN, since 2016 particularly. As for the President of the United States, I would hazard a guess that grace is in no scant supply, where it truly matters. Not in predictably edited format, via numerous nefarious news networks, who repeatedly abuse their position as the “voice of the people”. At rallies, behind closed doors, among those who share a vision which is as transparent as it is world-changing.

On the flip side, to my left, and lurching, we have a collection of puppets. With tiny little earpieces. Brattish, erratic, cantankerous – all the words traditionally used to describe their opponent. Take the recent Vice Presidential Debate for example and study very closely the body language of the Democratic aspirant. Passive aggression, verging on actual. Condescension on a deeply embarrassing scale. Facing the camera to make certain cinematic pleas, yes. For there can be no questioning the fire in the belly of this particular architect. But the foundations are beyond unstable. She’s peddling a defective product and damn well knows it. The eyes don’t lie, you see. And the world is waking up. To behaviour patterns we as a global collective need to address and quickly. 

The Vice President, on the other hand, remained a gentleman throughout, as calm and unflappable as a man who believes wholeheartedly in every single word that leaves his mouth. And feels no desire to showboat, in order to come away not just intact but elevated greatly. Forget the polls, one half of the nation are united, the other beginning to see through the deception. Come November 3rd, 2020, it doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to work out which way the pendulum will swing (unless the shamelessly biased mainstream media, big tech censors, and shady ballot phantoms have their way). As for me, well I’ll remain on the middle ground of course, in unending faith of overseeing growth on both sides. For together, we are better. And I’m not in the business of alienating a single person who hasn’t already been probed.

I have in my possession a pair of black ray-bans, you see. From way over here in the United Kingdom, perched upon my precipice of peace, I see tremendous change afoot. I see fake news being called out more with every day that passes. I see the voice of the people being taken back, admittedly not always with due care. However, I remain ever hopeful that the world, as we know it, is finally and vibrantly waking up. Thus, four more years of the same, nay even more telling endeavour, that I’m all-in at the river for. And, should the unthinkable happen once November 3rd comes around and the Democrats somehow gain power, well then God help America. 


Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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