A Fresh Sunrise

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Phaeleh “The Mist”

You are beautiful
I see nobody else in my view
And besides, I am too mesmerized by the beauty of you to pay duty to all that I see
When all I see unceasingly is you
In this moment
It’s an infinite bonus, I assure you
There’s a reason why the universe adores you

For all the toil and strife that life has put you through
You’ve come so far to get where you are now
There will be days the only way appears to drown in tears
There will be storms
They will be fierce
And true to form
You’ll face your fears
Embrace the hail
Each storm shall pass
Whence clouds undress
Besides, you’d look delectable in summer dress
Never let a single person tell you any less

You are beautiful
Ever dutiful to truth in kind
Your eyes confide a thousand tales
A thousand timeless ships set sail
Rejuvenating mountain trails
The kingdom of your mind’s incline
Lends kindle to the rising tide
With every wave ablaze
Attuned to climb
This is why the universe adores you
You are beautiful
Feel free to sigh, for I assure you

You are never alone
Others will not fail to see the beauty of your soul
How could they?
After all, it glows with radiance through shawl
Of even greater sprawl without
You are seen
In this moment
Through eyes of undying devout
I feel every pain by your side
Holding hands as we brave every crashing white tide
Every time that you feel any less than divine
Please return to this verse
It reminds of true worth
Of the beautiful tears in those beautiful eyes
For within, I discern a fresh sunrise

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “You’ll face your fears
    Embrace the hail
    Refresh” ~ I listened to Face My Fears by Utada Hikaru and Skrillex (remix) from Kingdom Hearts 3 as I read this. So it really hit me emotionally in a positive way. You really ought to have a publication of all your encouragement, you’d help so many men and women get through their troubles.

    Gorgeous image choice too 💖

    1. Thank you, Mouse. I wanted to think out of the box with the images, as opposed to using a shot of the sun. I loved the colours and the idea of fresh bloom I got from both. I am humbled by your words above, and for always seeing the deepest heart of me. You understand why I’m here Mouse. And that means the universe to me.

      A Fresh Sunrise is an interesting piece as it was written in 2019, after watching a video from a blogger who suffers with PTSD. She was so brave in posting it through teary eyes and I wished to pay it forward. Had never crossed paths before, but figured that, by shining a light when she needed it, and as a complete stranger, it would have the desired effect and lift her to the clouds. It did and that was a beautiful transaction. Therefore, this verse has great personal meaning as it is a reminder to myself just how it easy it can be to empower another to change their life. That’s the key word – empowerment. We cannot fix one another, but we can remind each other how to fix ourselves. 💖

  2. Oh that’s such an amazing story and how wonderful helping a complete stranger!! I know that feeling and it’s difficult to describe with humility. Empowerment and encouragement for one another is key to survival 🛡

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