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The Ballroom Thieves “Bury Me Smiling”

Bury me smiling
And please, no carnations
Find a plot serene and preferably forward facing
For I have found the peace of mind denied by castigation
And profoundly now at ease am I to lie here crystal gazing

Daylight saved my eyes from night
When its embrace was brazen
Fighting flight seemed tired and trite
Thus I relied on raven to confide
Coordinates to higher ground
A tower crowned of bark
Skylarks all about me as devoutly I embarked on faith’s abound
Playing to excited crowd
I found my boundless stride and strode with stoutest tone nowise denied its chaperone renowned

The sound of a thousand wind chimes in delight
Were astoundingly my wildest dreams alike
Childlike in a way
Yet in the twilight of a lifetime of decay
I braved the fall to fame the rise
Access denied to the writhing serpents in my mind
Defined no purpose
Surplus to requirements underlined by my uncertainty that hurts were mine to prize

When I was a boy
There was but kindness in my eyes
And every joy that I delighted in invited its reprise
Should blindness strike
Had to rely upon my second sight to reconcile the essence sped to rectify my evanescing life
Had to feel the sting of steel to seek the will to spill divine
Had to die
To find my smile
And breathe the air of grave awhile

When I came to
In fragrant bloom
My heart unchained
My favour grew
Had braced the night and made it through
To daylight saved of face
Amazing the grace and the poise of the fays
As they traced bluebells buoyantly inclined and forward facing
Now I have crowned the peace of mind most timely of persuasion
And profoundly now at ease am I to lie here crystal gazing

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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1 Comment

  1. “And please, no carnations” 😂👏🏻

    I love the serenity and message in this. Well, a message I take adapted to my own experiences and I would love to swing from a crystal chandelier with a crass carnation in my teeth!

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