To Be Alice

To Be Alice is a work of fiction inspired by and loosely based upon Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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Björk “Crystalline”

in a world of delusion and malice
i would sooner be alice
tumble down rabbit hole
head to the palace
to make a suggestion or three
to help the mad hatter
become ever madder
he’s fun when he’s desperate you see
free from being sat under the thumb
of tweedles dum and dee
free to better dress for consequences unforeseen
wonderland is nothing if not utterly unique
just like every freak who turns the other cheek when up the creek
and keeps a nob of butter cheese
to butter up the breeze

i would sooner have mud on my knees
than blood on my hands
i would rather be tart
than all up in a jam
when the queen of hearts
gives half a damn
she can EAT ME
if she needs to swell
a head
so big
it rings akin to bell
many see her troutish pout
not many live to tell
anyone who calls her out
is headless like a turtle shell
should i need advice
then i shall kiss the caterpiller
till he tells
guess we all have vices
and he’s nice enough to share the wealth
shisha is delightful
with a topsy turvy trifle
and according to the skyfall
there’s still time to find the whiteboard

under the table
enable the party to go on without me
for i would sooner peek the bloom
than it all be about me
please do allow me
to move without fee
take in the trees that surround me
with a cheshire cat’s glee
and a treasure map to most emphatic bounty

no boundaries
to what i see
through looking glass
to other me
the me that dances with the artist
pirouettes sweet blessing fastest
i shall believe six impossible things
and by breakfast
see six more imparted
my petticoat shall curtsy
at the knave each time he passes

we’re all mad here you see
all piqued in curiosity
please do excuse verbosity
but nary have i seen such grandiosity
a wonderland to plunder
and a dream to dream impossibly
now off i must head to the palace
tickled red to be alice

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. I’m extremely astounded and haven’t even finished reading the titles but… today I wrote a fictional story about Alice and she was wearing Sony headphones listening to Björk!! WOW 😳 It ties in with Curious Jane at the end.

    On with the show…

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