Mermaid’s Minuet

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Derek Fiechter “Siren’s Call”

She came from the heart of the sea
Though that may seem quite hard to believe
There’s a part of me party to hearty belief
That her each moonlit dance charms the breeze

At half mast and tattered
My glass heart is shattered
Long since been deceived
Of belief cheaply flattered
The song of the siren
I long to rely on
To guide me from sobriety to rapture

All at sea
I may be
But the lady doth not seem to bid protest
Indeed each time the low tide ebbs
She gently rests her palm against my chest
To calm the storm’s caress
Impress sweet psalm upon the blessèd dreams foreseen
No less than keen
No less than ever destined for redeem
Undressed the fated flesh of death’s decree

Sweeping waves chase her embrace
As she races
Sweet bride of the tides
With the skies in her eyes
Her divine tears confide
Eden tasted
With faith
Ne’er an opulent droplet be wasted

Tainted not by storm’s caress
Less leisured be dreams plaintive
Sorrow bled tomorrows
Wept of yesterdays creative
Native to the oceans
Her devotion knows no bounds
With spirits roaming northward
And her ringlets flowing south

Through bitter hail
Assailing breeze
I waited patiently for she
Prevailed fierce gales with weightless ease
To taste these waves and breathe her deep
The song of the siren
Have long since relied on
To guide me from sobriety’s low tide
To rapture deep
Indeed, there’s a part of me party to hearty belief
That my heart lies at sea
Where the music of chance
Clears a path to the stars
While our each moonlit dance charms the breeze

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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